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What is Shopify Shipping? How does it Work in 2021?

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Shipping is the most important term to be used in eCommerce setups. One can’t eliminate this crucial term while establishing online stores. If you have just started a new business, you need to be aware of this important online business term. Shipping is a typical e-commerce business term that processes the order, creates print labels, and ships products safely to a buyer. The process also covers the calculation of order and logistic details before dispatching to the buyer. However, starting an online business is incomplete without shipping, so take a look at the concept of Shopify shipping given below.

What is Shopify Shipping?

Shopify Shipping is a smooth process that doesn’t require any complication. You can easily continue this shipping process after promoting your online store. It allows shipping for a range of products regardless of different sizes and types. If you are a seller, you get a chance to calculate shipping rates before creating labels & sending packages with transparency. It is how Shopify shipping works.

If you become a part of the Shopify activity, you need to choose a membership plan among three different plans. Basic, Shopify, and Advanced are three plans available for sellers. Hence, all the plans come with different shipping features suitable to the needs and requirements of sellers. If you are looking for discount rates, you must choose the Advanced Shopify plan, as it offers a better rate compared to the basic and Shopify plans.

You always have a chance to choose your own shipping plan. The choice is yours whether you offer free shipping, flat rate or you go with the actual rates. Thankfully, you can create product groups to manage shipping services. You don’t have to create a shipping page for your website, as Shopify already offers you this facility. It offers user-friendly and flexible services that you enjoy till last. If you are a beginner, you can enjoy so many additional features of shipping that are mentioned below.

  • You get an opportunity to pick up bulk items using this platform.
  • You get an opportunity to print return shipping labels using Shopify plans.
  • You get an opportunity to print packing slips using the features of Shopify.

If you use a third-party plan for shipping services, you might be deprived of using shipping labels with third-party involvement. Further, if you engage with DHL Express, Canada Post, or other similar platforms, you might have to pay an extra fee to get their services. Thankfully, with Shopify shipping, you always enjoy smooth and hassle-free shipping services that are already included in the monthly plans.

How to set up Shopify shipping in 2021?

Shopify shipping in 2021

The most important phase of our discussion is to set up Shopify Shipping. How can you set up in 2021? Here you go with the details!

Set up an account on Shopify and access shipping features. For this, you need to approach the dashboard and click on settings to view ‘Shipping’.

After clicking, you can reach the shipping page. You’ll come across a shipping origin that allows you to enter a shipping address. After adding the address, you get a chance to edit the address and save it. Once you are done with saving the address, the next thing is to set shipping zones.

In this section, you’ll interact with ‘Zones and rates’. So, you get a complete chance to click on this section to add your shipping zone. The job is not done yet; you also have to add the country where you want to ship the products. Don’t forget to enter your shipping zone, as it is the most important step to follow.

After successfully adding the zones, you must not ignore shipping rates. For this, click on the ‘Shipping rates at checkout’ next to the shipping zone. Now, it’s time to add shipping rates on all your updated zones you wish to access. The shipping strategy also plays its role at the time of adding rates. Interestingly, you get a chance to set up a free, flat rate or exact shipping rate. No doubt, the facility is available in Shopify. On other platforms, developers download plugins to run shipping rate options.

Shopify also helps you to set rates after providing a list of carriers. In this way, you can select rates depending on your membership plan. After winding this up, you have to add the weight of the product including the shipping cost and its evaluation. Above all, Shopify saves your time by not weighing the products every time you add. Other platforms don’t offer this facility, but you enjoy smooth and auto weighing options in Shopify.

Above all, it also sets the dimensions of the packages as per the weight. The choice is yours whether you use boxes, poly mailers, envelopes to complete courier services. It works great!

After you are done with every formality, don’t forget to add a label printer to your device to manage label prints for shipping. For this, you must recommend label printers to finish the job.

Best Shopify Practices

Shopify offers a remarkable shipping experience to customers when they complete the purchase. They also experience great customer support that lets them know about hidden shipping costs and all risks involved in this business. It should benefit buyers as well as sellers. 

How to Enhance Shopify Shipping Experience for Customers

Enhance Shopify Shipping Experience for Customers

Here are the points that one should follow to enhance Shopify shipping experiences 

Clear Shipping Rates

The first thing is to work on display. The best practice is to display your shipping rate to win the trust of customers. Don’t let them leave your site because of unclear rates, as many buyers leave the page when they don’t come across clear shipping rates.

Return Shipping Labels

After you display clear rates, the next thing is to offer shipping labels. Try to save the money of your customers when they return defective and damaged products. Make sure they don’t have to pay extra shipping costs at the time of returning goods. Add this return shipping label feature in your dashboard to value your customers.

Use Shopify Pickup Service

If you are tired of visiting the post office to collect your packages, you can fix this by using the Shopify package pickup service. In this way, you can avoid the hassle by avoiding such conflicts. So, you have better select the time, day, and location to pick up the package. You can track your order using this facility, so we find Shopify pickup service is amazing for customers.

Finally, you have gone through amazing Shopify shipping experiences that facilitate buyers and sellers at the same time. Being a customer at Shopify, you don’t have to work on other platforms, as it is best to facilitate customers and sellers. The reason is the transparent system that attracts buyers who come to this eCommerce platform.

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