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Online Store: Top 5 Mobile App Builders

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In the dynamic era of technology, a mobile app has become essential for e-commerce businesses and individuals. However, the notion of coding and complex development processes can be intimidating. So, let’s enter Mobile app builders platforms.

 Which are superheroes of app creation for those without extensive coding knowledge.

 Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a creative enthusiast, or a business owner looking to expand your digital presence, these app builders are your gateway to app creation without the coding complexity.

Turn your app idea into reality with the 5 best mobile app builders! No coding is required. Interfaces and stunning designs that match your vision.

Why Choose Apps Over Websites?

For an e-commerce business, especially a Shopify store, a website and a Mobile app are important for brand recognition and awareness, engaging customers, and boosting sales.

But on the complete analysis, you will know how current trends favor and provide a mobile app edge over websites.

Here are a few reasons behind preferring a mobile app over websites for online stores.

  • Loading speed: Product pages in mobile app opens faster and quicker than on a website.
  • Convenience: Customers feel more freedom and authority when visiting stores through mobile applications.
  • Engagements: Sending messages and dealing with customers through the app is easy.
  • Offline reach: Standard mobile apps can give customers access to stores without needing the internet.
  • Designing: Customizing apps is easy and requires less effort than websites.
  • Users: Studies and surveys have shown that users spend more time on apps than websites.

Top 5 Best No Code Mobile App Builders You Must Try

In this guide, we’ll take you through the five best mobile app builders, each offering a user-friendly experience and a range of features to help you transform your app vision into a tangible reality.

These platforms offer tools to craft your dream app tailored to your unique needs and ideas without delving into the daunting coding process.

1- Drobile

In online shopping, the first impression formula carries colossal importance. And that is the reason behind including the Drobile platform in our list of best and top app builders.

It makes building easy; you will download it from the Shopify store and let them build the app for you. And then, you can launch the app if you love it.

Moreover, using this app builder, you will be ready to launch your quality mobile app within 48 hours.

Drobile will help you increase your sales and customer engagements. Moreover, it will push customers to repeat purchases.

One thing you all must remember about Drobile is that it demands zero coding effort from its users. Let’s look at its features closely before deciding whether to use it.

Spotlight on Features

  • Easy drag-and-drop editor to create an app for the Shopify store.
  • Customization is available from login to checkout.
  • You can send unlimited picture notifications to consumers.
  • You can publish your app on all platforms.
  • Designs unlimited number of payment methods.
  • It gives an analytical dashboard to track and evaluate your store’s mobile performance.
  • Provides multi language and currency support to customers.
  • Support from the Drobile platform is available 24/7 to deal with any app issue.
  • Advanced features to add Reward programs in your app.

Cost Plans

You will get a 14-day free trial to check and verify what it claims for every Plan. Besides the free trial, you must subscribe to one of their paid plans according to your needs.


  • Pro: $80/month
  • Plus: $150/month
  • Premium: $500/month

2- Hulk

The next quality app builder for you is none other than the Hulk. Yes, the Hulk we are talking about is not the Hulk superhero of any Marvel movie.

But in reality, you can consider this Hulk platform a superhero of the mobile app development world for online stores.

Create, design, and launch an app for mobile users of your store with zero coding skills. It helps you achieve your goal of developing brand loyalty and customer retention.

App prepared using this platform gives you a clear competitive advantage and better customer segmentation.

To better understand why it is included in the list of best, glance at all the features it provides.

Feature Highlights

  • Allows you to send product suggestions and push notification messages.
  • Quick click checkout process for customers.
  • Quality integrations, including direct social media login.
  • Have built-in upselling and cross-selling to increase order values.
  • Team support through live chat is available all the time.
  • Seamless loading speed and multi-currency support. 
  • Interactive dashboard to analyze and monitor critical sales metrics.
  • Provides customers with pre-filled shipping information, order history, and tracking.
  • It displays product reviews for social proof.

Pricing Plans

Downloading this app for your online store will give you 15 days of free trial and four different payment plans with distinctive features.

  • Basic: $79/month
  • Pro: $149/month
  • Pro Plus: $249/month
  • Enterprise: $399/month

3- Appmaker

If merchants are looking to level up their Shopify store for customers, they must try this famous app builder available to download in the Shopify store under the name “Appmaker.”

It is built to develop and design mobile apps for Shopify stores to give customers an enhanced and innovative shopping experience.

It gives you customizable options, no coding facility, and the flexibility to turn your websites into mobile apps.

Moreover, brands can gain and retain customers by creating quality apps through Appmaker for their valued customers.

Please keep reading to know its features before making any final verdict and validating this platform’s claims.

Feature Highlights

  • Custom themes and designs to match your brand identity.
  • Quality integrations and custom plugins.
  • Allows you to edit and make any change you like with team support. 
  • Easy to understand and use dashboard.
  • A no-code app builder solution for you.
  • Notification system to suggest customers new products.
  • Get easily launched on Android and Apple platforms. 
  • Simple Drag and Drop editor tool to make changes.

Pricing Plans

14 days of a free trial period to check the result of its feature and three different pricing plans to continue working.

  • Lite: $300/month
  • Pro: $1000/month
  • Plus: $2000/month

4- Mobikul

Get benefit from the fact that almost 90% of people do online shopping from their mobile phones by making a mobile app to uplift their buying experience for repeat purchases.

Mobikul is the perfect app builder to build a standard online mobile store for your valued customers. It will help you to increase order value, sales number, and profit.

Moreover, The app development team of Mobikul will enable you to launch a high-quality mobile app in no time for Android and iOS device users.

Let’s glance at the long list of its features to understand what benefits you can get using this platform for creating apps.

Feature Highlights

  • LTR layout is available to personalize your app.
  • Auto Geo locating to pre-save customer address.
  • Unlimited push notifications and messages to share updates with customers.
  • Easy to launch in the app store and work on all platforms.
  • Syncs your store website content to a mobile app.
  • Customize themes, colors, fonts, and other aspects.
  • A CMS-based app that does not require updates on both ends.
  • Gives customers an image option for product searching.
  • A standout augmented reality option for your online store.
  • Multi-currency and language support.

Pricing Plans

A full 30-day free trial to evaluate and monitor the long list of features and two paid plans, which can change with time.

  • Basic Plan: $25/month
  • Pro Plan: $35/month

5- AppOkart

With time, people’s buying habits have changed a lot, and currently, they are willing to purchase more from businesses offering their products and services through a mobile app.

So, to boost your conversion rate and upgrade customer engagements, use the AppOkart mobile app builder platform. It is a no-code app builder ready to turn your website into a mobile app within a day.

Make a beautiful and personalized store app that perfectly matches the vibe of your Shopify store.

Moreover, without hiring developers and with minimum effort, you can design and launch the app for your customers.

Let’s closely examine all the benefits it will provide you.

Feature Highlights

  • Unlimited push notifications to remind customers of offers and abandon carts.
  • Check and test designs to make changes accordingly.
  • Quick and minimum click checkout process.
  • Analytical dashboard to monitor your store performance.
  • No code app builder facility.
  • Multiple stunning layouts are present to customize.
  • Builds an app that efficiently works on all platforms.
  • Change and remove elements with the drag-and-drop tool.

Pricing Plans

It offers you two different payment plans, out of which one is entirely free and the other is a paid plan every month.

  • Free: $0.00/month
  • Full Feature Plan: $49/month

Benefits Of Mobile App Builders For Your Ecommerce Business

Still having doubts about why you must choose a mobile app builder for your online store then come and take a look with me on all the benefits you can get for your business using these platforms.

1- No coding solution

Developing mobile device apps seemed complicated and costly in the past. But with technological advancements, you dont need to be a developer or programmer for designing your own mobile app.

More innovative solutions in the form of app-building platforms are available to give life to your app idea that needs no coding but just a few clicks to create, test, and launch a perfectly crafted app. 

2- Saves Time & Resources

App builders save a lot of your time to help you focus on core business activities as they claim to wind up the whole process from designing to launching an app in hours or days.

Moreover, a dedicated team of developers and app professionals is available on this platform to help you make and design an app that matches the vibe of your store.

So, why spend resources on hiring IT specialists separately for developing apps when you can get and design everything according to your liking under a single platform? 

3- Increase Conversion Rate

As a Shopify merchant or e-commerce store, your focus and efforts are intended to meet your end goal of increasing sales.

To achieve your goal, these app builder offers multiple features, including push notification, personalized messages, image searching, product suggestion, Augmented reality integration, and many more.

Only to convince and force customers to make quicker purchasing decisions uplift order number or value, ultimately increasing your store’s total revenue and profit.    

4- Boost Customer Engagements

All the app-building platforms developing mobile applications play a crucial role in improving users’ experience visiting your online store.

Moreover, push notifications, product searches or suggestions, image searching, multiple languages, and currency support give you space to upgrade your relationship with your store customers.

5- Brand Awareness

Current trends and data show most people spend more time using mobile applications, so this is a golden opportunity for all online businesses to attract these people through apps and convert them into customers.

6- Data Driven Descision

Almost all the mobile app builders show a dashboard giving real-time analytics and data metrics related to sales and customers.

This aids you in storing all the data gathered through mobile-based sales and lets you deeply observe customers’ purchasing habits.

All in all, this gathered data helps you monitor and evaluate your online performance to improve selling and consumer strategy and make better data-driven decisions for the future.

Discover the top 5 mobile app builders that empower you to create stunning apps without coding.