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Shopify App Store: Add Extra Sauce to Your Sales With Product Reviews Apps

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It is not an option but an absolute necessity to display reviews to build trust and loyalty between customers and your brand. For e-commerce success, you must include product reviews in your customer satisfaction strategies. You need to give voice to your customers to let them become advocates of your Shopify app store.

This step will act as social proof and validate the quality of your products and services, helping other viewers make quicker purchasing decisions.

Enhance the social presence and derive sales of the Shopify store, gain valuable customer insights to improve services, and encourages them to repurchase.

Benefits of using Product Reviews Shopify Apps

Looking at the benefits will help you understand the importance of integrating with the product review apps for Shopify stores. 

Improve Store Services

Customer experience and reviews about the products they bought from your Shopify store help you evaluate your store’s performance and give you an idea of what you can do more to improve.

Derive Your Sales

Product reviews by previous customers play an essential role in convincing customers to purchase particular products. More positive reviews will help you drive sales of your Shopify store. 

Enhance SEO Efforts

Reviews can enhance your ranking during indexing by search engines. Moreover, keywords used by customers while writing reviews ultimately ranks content related to your products higher.

Retain Customers

Customers who are satisfied with your products will always leave a positive review, building trust and loyalty. When they have positive experiences, they will come back to buy more. 

Top Shopify Product Reviews Apps You Should Try

Let’s take a detailed look on a some of the top-notch review apps available in the Shopify app store to help you choose the most suitable for your Shopify store.

1- Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Loox Review app is a fantastic review and reward integration software that can help you beautifully show customer reviews.

It is fully customizable and adjusts to match your store’s aesthetic perfectly. It lets you focus on other business activities by choosing its autopilot option.

It can integrate with multilingual stores, which helps to display reviews for broader audiences and enhance customer satisfaction.

Top Features

  • Automation: Automatically send emails to customers to remind them about leaving a review of your product.
  • Display: It shows reviews in attractive styles and widgets, including popups, sidebars, Lists, and Grid.
  • Expanded services: It extends its services across Google Shopping and SEO as it is Google’s official review partner.
  • Reward Customers: Enhances customer satisfaction and interest by auto-generating referral codes to reward customer-referring friends.

Pricing Model 

It offers three pricing plans with different benefits, including 14 14-day free trial.

  • Beginners $9.99 per month
  • Growth $34.99 per month
  • Unlimited $299.99 per month

2- Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

Stamped Review app Improves your store conversion rate by showcasing high-converting, visually appealing reviews. 

It increases your brand reputation and enhances your online reputation by using content that matters most to your customers.

Stamped reviews automatically adjust to match your Shopify brand store identity. It uses AI technology and allows you to moderate reviews. 

Top Features

  •  It gathers and imports shoppable pictures, customer queries, and Google Reviews.
  • For display, it can show widgets, banners, templates, and emails 
  • Works with Facebook, Instagram, and Google to help your shop rank higher with good ratings.
  • It improves Google shopping and plays a role in search engine optimization.


It comes with multiple monthly billing plans for which you can book a demo to check its functionality.

  • Lite: free   
  • Basic: $23 
  • Premium: $59
  • Business: $149 
  • Professional: $249 

3- Trustoo Products & Ali Reviews

Trustoo Reviews app on Shopify drives your business growth by increasing user engagement and revenue.

This Shopify app helps merchants build a good e-commerce reputation and encourages customers to leave more honest reviews.

Its reviews collecting and quickly importing to store display function makes it most suitable for a dropshipping business.

Top Features

  • It automatically translates reviews to target and provides support to a diverse audience.
  • It lets you show encouraging reviews on home pages, collection pages, and checkouts.
  • Uses multiple ways to convince customers to leave a review, including SMS, pop up, and emails with discount coupons for adding photos.
  • Layout, color, and other review elements can be adjusted before displaying.
  • Can quickly transport 50 items at a time from Ali Express.

Pricing Plans   

  • Free: $0.0
  • Basic Import: $5.99 (Only for dropshipping business)
  • Basic: $9.99
  • Growth: $19.99

4- Rivyo Product Reviews & QA

Evaluate your customer satisfaction services by monitoring their reviews and rating using Rivyo Product Review apps.

It helps you bring organic traffic and increase visibility on search engines when you highlight reviews on Google Shopping.

Moreover, its automated features help you gather more customer reviews to build a good reputation for your store among competitors.

Top Features

  • Filter: It lets you filter reviews and decide which to show and which to not.
  • Review Request: Customize an appealing email to send to customers as a request to leave a review.
  • Analytics: Rivyo shows you how many responses you got for your products from all platforms.
  • Queries: It shows and lets you answer customer questions regarding products and communicate with them effectively.
  • Amazon: Quickly export reviews from Amazon and Ali Express to your website. 

Pricing Plans

7 days of free trial for choosing any one from the four plans

  • Free Forever: Free
  • Starter: $9/month
  • Business: $14/month
  • Enterprise: $19/month

5- Product Reviews

Product Review app by Shopify that charges zero pennies and helps you highlight reviews that matter the most.

Collect and display ratings given by buyers to your new customer. It uses the same aesthetics as Shopify, making you feel your store performance improves with just little changes.

No automation is available as you have to insert reviews yourself, and for help to solve any issues related to this app, you need to contact Shopify general support.

Top Features

  • Zero coding: It is easy to handle and customize, requiring no coding. 
  • Import & Export: Let you import and export reviews in a spreadsheet.
  • Bulky action: Publish, hide, filter, and perform other cumbersome actions.
  • Simple Display: Reviews automatically match your aesthetics.
  • SEO friendly: The addition of review scores to your Google search makes it SEO friendly


  • Free of Cost

6- LAI Ali Reviews Product Reviews

Get complete control over reviews and ratings given by customers on purchasing products to enhance their trust and provide a seamless experience.

Moreover, an automatic email system encourages customers to repurchase and can support both video and photo reviews.

Top Features

  • Showcase reviews across multiple places of your store, including the homepage, collection, checkout, etc.
  • Automated emails are sent when orders get completed, which helps encourage customers to purchase again.
  • Import from various sources, including CSV files, Amazon and CJdroppshipping, and many others.
  • Numerous layout and customization option for the review widget is available.


Four plans are present to get selected with 3 days of free trial. 

  • Free: $0.0
  • Essential: $4.95
  • Growth: $19.95
  • Business: $35

7- Yotpo Product Reviews & UGC

Yotpo Product reviews let customers view where your Shopify brand stands in the customers. In addition, it gives you an idea of customer preferences.

Merchants have reported positive results in terms of sales and brand reputation, which cements its place as a credible website.

A non-technical person can take help from its support team, which help you easily customize app and reviews. 


  • It allows you to send review request messages to previous and new customers.
  • You are in charge of widgets to decide how they should get adjusted to match the look of your store.
  • It lets you moderate and monitor the number of reviews you receive on your products.
  • It integrates with other social apps to allow you to display responses and set their appearance.
  • It provides smart filters to attract viewers and enhance your conversion rate.


It is free to use but subscribe to its paid plans if you want to gather and export photo reviews.

  • Free: free 
  • Growth: $15/month
  • Prime: $119/month

8- Product Reviews

To enhance brand visibility and conversion rate and derive product sales, is worth your money and time.

Sharing and displaying satisfied customer feedback with other viewers build trust and convince the customer to make a quicker purchase decision.


  • It collaborates with Google ads and google shopping lists to display your positive reviews.
  • Integrates with klaviyo to send automated request emails through a simple dashboard.
  • It can gather first-party attribution data from your customers.
  • Quicker imports of UGC and existing reviews.


14 days of the free trial come with every plan you choose, and it may charge you extra besides subscribing to one of these plans

  • Free: free
  • Launch: $45/month
  • Launch plus: $89/month

Elevate your Shopify store and convert customer responses to sales by letting Shopify apps handle and manage the reviews section.


We all agree that product reviews are necessary for Shopify owners to evaluate and monitor their store performance in customers’ eyes.

Moreover, product reviews benefit Store owners as well as buyers. Because buyer primarily relies on online reviews of other about the product to make a purchasing decision.

However, plenty of product review apps are available in the Shopify app store, making it difficult to integrate and select the one for your store.

On this page above, after rigorous research and analysis, we found some excellent Shopify product review apps for you.

Of course, the above-detailed discussion of their features and prices will help you select the most suitable one according to your requirements and budget.


1- What is the Shopify product review app?

Shopify product review is an application to integrate your e-commerce business with an automated customer review system that manages and handles reviews of products by collecting, exporting, and sharing.

2- How to add a review app to Shopify store? 

To download the product review app, visit the Shopify app store, select product review and e-marketing categories, and get numerous app options to choose one to install and run. 

3- How does the product review app work? 

It integrates with other social and online shopping platforms to gather every review about a product you sell and export them to display on your Shopify store.

4- How to get reviews on my app?

To avoid performing bulky actions yourself, download the product reviews app from the Shopify App Store and let the automated system handle, manage and display appealing reviews on your store.