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The Best Shopify Themes That Can Boost Your Sales in 2021!

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Are you looking to build a website on Shopify? It is the best eCommerce platform that has earned worldwide popularity. You always need this source for efficiently running your online store for boosting sales. There is always a need for a well-organized website, so the use of Shopify plays a fantabulous role in delivering exceptional results. Only you need to create an online store to start selling your products for targeting the potential audience. It is the best solution to increase sales and enhancing business.

There are so many reasons to choose Shopify themes. The top reason is to find comfort and peace of mind, as Shopify themes offer a range of features for building online stores. Further, you have the option of picking up free or paid themes to increase sales and earning profit. Shopify themes come in a huge variety; the choice is yours whether you select free or premium versions of best Shopify themes to start selling at various levels.

Shopify provides amazing selling opportunities to people who wish to sell a wide range of products including t-shirts, trousers, jewelry items, antiques and fashion accessories, etc. It brings versatility and offers customized services to proceed with the orders. It comes with so many features, as it takes your business to the next level. Interestingly, you can also manage and maintain your website using these Shopify themes.

What to Look For In An eCommerce Theme?

There are so many things to look for in an eCommerce theme, whereas the most common thing is the attraction and eye-catching features of a theme. More than 90% of buyers look at the attractive aspects of a theme, as they buy it after finding it gorgeous for the website. No doubt, a theme has to be attractive and appealing with complete functions of customization.

It must be easier to use and control, even a theme should have decent style and design. Make sure, you buy a theme that looks balanced from all perspectives. Shopify storefront also has an impact on themes, so selection plays an important role in web development.

Top Things to Consider When You Buy a Shopify theme

If you have made your mind to buy a Shopify theme, the first thing is to look at the ratings of a theme. Stay updated with the features of a theme before you finalize it for your store. Also, check the support of a theme and other features including a slideshow on the front page and menu options.

Further, you’ll come across different price ranges, whereas the best is to save cost while choosing themes. It’s up to you whether you spend $140 or more, even free themes are available that can save big costs. It also reduces the custom work, so the selection should be done carefully while looking for the themes that require less customization. It can also save your theme cost. Further, you must keep in mind the quantity and type of your product before finalizing a theme.

It must also look perfect on all devices, so better choose a responsive and mobile-friendly theme that works great on different devices. It has to be well-coded by default.

The loading speed also matters for choosing a Shopify theme. It is a requirement in every theme, but you can’t skip that option when looking for this particular theme. No one wants to slow down the performance of a website due to poor loading speed. It might lose your sales.

A Money-back guarantee is also a top point to consider for purchasing Shopify themes. If your theme comes with a guarantee, then it can provide you peace of mind and comfort at the time of purchasing and using it for your store. Indeed, it is the reason to buy a theme and people feel mentally satisfied when it comes with a guarantee.

Top Things to Consider When You Buy a Shopify theme

Which Shopify Themes to Choose

Despite all the top reasons to choose a theme, the most essential thing is to enhance sales and conversions. Therefore, theme selection can make it happen, especially when you select themes that come with attractive features and design. It is the reason to love Shopify themes. Let’s take a look at some best themes to choose for your business!

eCom Turbo

If you are looking for a budget-friendly theme, eCom Turbo has got you covered with endless advantages. It comes with so many specifications that can help you earn a good income. The design is responsive and user-friendly that can maximize your leads in real-time. It puts a lasting impression on your audience and has unique features that surely lift your sales. It is a perfect package for users who are curious about boosting sales.


Kalles also gives all-around performance when it comes to designing creative websites. It offers flexible features and perfect support when you plan to design a website on particular ideas including clothes, shoes, jewelry, electronics, bicycles, and undergarments, etc. Kalles is a perfect choice for designing a responsive and innovative website. It is suitable for a variety of niches, as you enjoy the company of potential visitors that soon become your permanent customers because of attractive and cool web designs.


If you are crazy about your increasing your business, this theme would be a perfect choice for increasing your sales. JASPER is an ultimate Shopify theme that comes with amazing support and features. You never run out of designs using JASPER, as it facilitates you with vibrant colors and a cool look. Indeed, it is fully customizable and that is the feature that makes it more reliable and reputed in the market.


Roxxe has earned an admirable reputation in the world of online stores. It comes with a wide range of collections and covers around 68 demos that can be used for different online stores. You can enjoy custom options to design your sites respectively. Roxxe offers pop-up facilities and product views quickly. You can design restaurant and café websites on this theme easily. If you are looking for Shopify for restaurants, this theme makes complete sense.


Clothing has always been a top-notch choice for many online store owners. It is quite a popular theme that offers so many features to users along with 6 months of extended support. If you are looking forward to establishing your clothing brand, you first consider Clothing to begin selling. It doesn’t require coding skills to build the website and that is the specialty of using this wonderful Shopify theme. It is also a Thrive version for WordPress and looks adorable for clothing accessories.


Beauty is also a famous Shopify theme ideal for women who are curious about selling their beauty products. Probably the name speaks everything when we experience people sell makeup accessories and skin products on this theme. It is the number one choice for entrepreneurs who are serious about increasing their sales using fashion items. The design is the specialty of this theme and that is the reason people use this theme as a top priority.


BEStore is also getting popular because of its cool and stunning layout. The theme is ideal for those who want to sell their products on a big level. It organizes your products in different categories and you enjoy using the layout that enhances your sales. Further, it looks adorable because of its decent colors and design scheme. It is the reason people love this theme for running their business activities.


Are you looking for a responsive and attractive theme? Ella is your ultimate choice to bring a massive improvement in your sales. It is a fully adaptive and responsive theme that further brings 8 child themes that are gorgeous. You can create a superb product category to impress your buyers; even it has the option of designing blog pages. Ella has always been the number one choice for owners who are concerned about their brand. Further, it offers a lookbook and blog section that increases the demand for this lovely Shopify template.

Conclusively, Shopify themes have so many varieties, features, styles, and prices. Hence, all are good for boosting online services, as sellers feel encouraged with Shopify themes. Among all themes that have been discussed above, the best ones are BEStore, eCom Turbo, and Ella, etc.

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