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Shopify vs Amazon – Which One Do You Prefer to Build Your Business?

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People who wish to sell online always look for best-selling platforms. There are so many online platforms used for selling products and services, whereas Shopify and Amazon always remain in the discussion due to their amazing features.

Many internet users like to compare Shopify vs Amazon, as it has become a common discussion on the internet. Why do people compare these eCommerce platforms? Let’s take a look at the definition!


Shopify is a popular website builder used for running online stores at various levels. It is an eCommerce platform that takes your business to the next level by promoting your products and services to beat competitors.

Furthermore, it builds your brand and gives you an opportunity to design a front store following customization by building a website.



Amazon is a marketplace that allows you to sell products along with various sellers. Today, it has become a popular online selling platform with a worldwide reputation. People rate the products after reading the reviews on Amazon.

Hence, they check the price and take decisions accordingly whether to buy the product or not. You don’t build a website on Amazon, as it is a marketplace where you register and start selling your products as the main party or third-party.

Here are some of the top differences between Amazon and Shopify that help searchers to choose the best platform for selling.


Price Plan

Price is the most essential factor to consider when doing a comparison of leading online selling platforms. Let’s talk about Shopify first! It offers a 14-day free trial to beginners and comes with some attractive price plans mentioned below.

  • Basic Shopify plan offers $29 per month.
  • Shopify plan offers $79 per month.
  • Advanced Shopify plan offers $299 per month.
  • Lite plan starts at $9
  • Plus plan starts at $2000

Shopify also gives discount offers that go up to 20%. Above all, a user can upgrade and downgrade the plan to enjoy selling.

On the other hand, Amazon covers two pricing plans. The one is individual sellers and the other is professional sellers. You can easily add products to individual sellers to boost earnings.

This plan is suitable for all small-scale sellers. In a Professional sellers plan, you can add multiple users and brings API integration for just $39.99.

It also includes referral fees and fulfillment fees. Referral fee depends on product category, whereas Amazon charges 8% per item. Further, you also have to undergo a fulfillment fee when placing orders like books and electronic products.

It depends on the size and weight of the product. Further, Amazon also charges an extra $0.005 for the items not sold in 12 months.


Support is also a crucial factor that sellers consider important when setting up an online business at eCommerce platforms. Shopify has always been offering great support and solution to users who feel uneasy at some stages.

They can fix problems by watching video tutorials and reading Shopify documents to come out of problems. Indeed, it provides 24/7 live support whether you use email or live chat. Shopify Help Center always gets your back.

Amazon is also a reputed online selling platform that provides great support to users. The help center always responds to the queries of sellers and buyers, as it works 24/7 to facilitate customers.

Ease of Use

Every seller wants to sell products without facing issues. The purpose is to sell products to enjoy a pleasant selling experience using online platforms. If we look at the use of platforms, Shopify is so easy to use, even beginners can use it comfortably.

The drag and drop option makes this platform super easy and demanding, even you don’t need coding skills to build your website. Users can change the colors, texts, and designs under complete control.

It allows you to customize the front-end store with ease. It is the feature that makes Shopify an outstanding platform.

Amazon is also easy to use and operate. You just need to register on Amazon to begin selling products. You can easily upload products and relevant information about products on this highest selling platform.

Your job is to add your brand name, products, and necessary details about your business to start selling.

Moreover, you can do a comparison on the eCommerce features of Amazon and Shopify. Amazon allows you to enter your products on a readymade setup, while Shopify offers built-in features that you can edit to some extent.

If we take a look at the design, we can do some changes to Shopify, but Amazon doesn’t require any changes to templates.

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