How To Change The Name Of Your Shopify Store

How To Change The Name Of Your Shopify Store?

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Aren’t you satisfied because of the name of your business? Name is the most precious thing to consider when setting up online stores. Your store looks appealing when you choose an attractive and engaging name. You can take an example of leading brands such as Walmart, Etsy, eBay, and Google, etc. These are the leading brands that have captured the interest of millions of online users worldwide. Looking at these inspiring names, you must also choose a good name that can impress others. How do you decide the name of your store? It’s not easy to decide the name of your store unless you do research. It is better to do a detailed search over catchy names for your online store. What happens when you choose a name that you don’t like at all? Is there any possibility to change shopify store name?

How can I change my store name on Shopify? It’s a logical question that you must give importance to managing your business.

Many times, you don’t like the brand names because of some reason, so it is better to change it quickly as possible.

You can always think about the name of your store before launching, but in case you make a mistake, you have a chance to change it. No doubt, it seems to be a challenging job to change the name after setting up things.

People often create new accounts to manage new names, as they are not aware of the process. In this article, we’ve got you covered with some unique ideas to change the name of the Shopify store.

How to Change the Store Name of Shopify?

Never get disappointed when it comes to changing the name of your store. There is always a way to make it happen.

If you have set up a brand name and you are not happy with it, you can change it anytime.

Here we have got you covered with some basic steps to change the store name!

Go to Shopify Admin Page

The first thing is to click on the main page settings. Click on the settings that appear on the left side of the panel.

Without visiting the admin panel, you can’t think about changing your store name. It is the basic step you have to follow to begin the operations.

Go to Shopify Admin Page

Open General Option

Once you visit the settings, the next thing is to see the option on the setting page. You can the option on the top left row. The opening general option takes you to the store name.

Open General Option

Edit the Name of your Store

After opening the general settings, it’s time to edit the name. If you want to change the name “Kids collection Store” to Kids Collection Store, you can do it with easy editing options. Change the name and click on the Save button to finish the task.

Edit the Name of your Store

See the Changes

After you applied all the changes and saved the name, it’s time to see the name you have edited. Now go back to your Shop section and see the results.

After you experience the changes, you probably come across a huge satisfaction change my store name on Shopify. Of course, you feel satisfied after completing the job.

It keeps you restless until the time you don’t change the name of your Shopify store. There is no need to create a new account, as many online users do this mistake rather than changing the name.

Things to Consider for Changing the Name

There are so many things that you should consider important while changing the name. Make sure, your domain name is active when you focus on name editing. The name should be alive or else you can’t plan your changes.

It’s an obvious thing that you need to focus on to see the new name. Other than viewing your domain name, you must also see check the revenue generated by your store. How much traffic do you get on your page?

Another thing is to check the size of your list and the products you sell to your customers. Also, check the response of people who show interest in your products.

Last but not least is to find the reason to change the name. Why do you want to change the name? You must be familiar with this reason.

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