Which is better Between Shopify WordPress in 2021

Which is better Between Shopify & WordPress in 2021?

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Digital marketing services have opened the competition in several ways, as we daily experience users registering on eCommerce platforms to enhance sales and expand their business circle. The credit goes to internet marketing that plays the actual role in making things happen.

Entrepreneurs have awoken due to quick and necessary changes in the world of online marketing. The trend of using WordPress and Shopify has flourished to a great extent. Which one is better when we take on Shopify vs WordPress?

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a platform used for promoting the online selling activities of entrepreneurs ranging from small to large.

It’s an online platform that helps to build your eCommerce store without coding skills. You can establish your business without programming, so your focus remains on design and innovation while running the activities.

It gives an opportunity to the owner to concentrate on sales growth and that’s an interesting point.

What is Shopify

What is WordPress?

WordPress is also a platform used for designing websites for bloggers. It is a user-friendly CMS typically designed for bloggers who manage online selling at different levels.

It is an ideal source for creating content that entrepreneurs love to enjoy. You can’t ignore coding skills when it comes to creating and setting up pages.

Entrepreneurs play a leading role whenever it comes to starting an online business. If you are going to start your setup, you probably feel confused either to select Shopify or WordPress. Everything depends on how you grow and build your business. Here is the difference between the two leading website platforms!

what is wordpress

Ease of Use

Whenever we talk about website platforms such as WordPress and Shopify, we can find massive differences between both. Shopify is easy to use when we do its comparison with WordPress, as it has got some advantages.

You can easily use this platform even within 10 minutes after setting up domain name cloud hosting. Visit the website and start running your activities; even you can plan a free-trial option. Simply add your products and enjoy selling.

On the other hand, WordPress is also easy to use whenever we look around its importance.

Compared to Shopify, you don’t find it much friendly, but you enjoy using WordPress, as it takes you to another level. The drag and drop option is also available that makes you comfortable. Hence, you easily install WordPress and add plugins to enjoy working on this responsive and user-friendly platform.

Customizations and Control

Another crucial thing is the customization and control options. You can’t ignore this vital point when discussing customization control of both platforms. Shopify is not friendly when it comes to checking customization controls.

You enjoy readymade features when using Shopify and that’s a little drawback of this eCommerce platform. Shopify apps are also available that save your time when you want to control certain things.

On the other hand, WordPress is the best tool that comes with great customization controls. You can add free and paid plugins depending on your needs and requirements. Suitability is great when you work on various flexible features related to customization.

Platform Security

Many online users are worried about the security of the platform. Hence, they look for more secure eCommerce platforms. If we talk about this point, we find that Shopify is a far better choice compared to WordPress when we overview the security options.

You get all the server updates, backups, and configuration settings on Shopify.

On the other hand, WordPress is secure, but not equal to Shopify. It’s a platform that allows you to run large-sized businesses under dedicated hosting servers.

WordPress hosting is exceptional and secure under SSL Certificate options, even plugins are available that make your platform secure from threats. But you find Shopify best regarding this point.

SEO Capabilities

Apart from security, entrepreneurs today are conscious of the SEO potential of websites. Every owner wants to rank a website using optimization techniques. If you wish to rank your website, you probably need the help of SEO specialists.

Shopify supports search engine optimization, as it is friendly for visitors if and only you design an attractive website.

On the other hand, WordPress is a terrific SEO-friendly platform that speeds up the ranking of a website whenever you go for optimization.

The addition of an SSL certificate and plugins makes it handier for ranking, even it supports various tools that can boost your website fast.

Which one is best?

Which one is best

If you are looking for a quick start, you must go with Shopify, as you get readymade things waiting for you to start selling on this platform.

You don’t have to go through coding and complicated design services, as it is ready to sell platform. But it is expensive and that is the drawback you find in this platform.

Furthermore, WordPress is entirely a different setup. You enjoy the freedom of work on WordPress due to its friendly features and customization. SEO capability is also better in SEO.



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