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What Is Crawlability and How It Works in SEO?

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Whenever we talk about SEO and its impact on search engines, we can’t neglect crawlability. What is crawlability? It is a process of making your website familiar with search engines, whereas this particular task is done by crawlers to improve readability for users. Google understands everything about your web page, specifically the content through this process. It is an internal part of search engine optimization often known as the technical portion.

It is quite an important topic that one can’t ignore at all, as it completes the process of optimization. You get the website indexed due to crawlability which makes it easier to search for the visitors. It is a secret that people don’t understand when it comes to improving the online visibility of a website.

However, indexing and crawling are two major parts of SEO that do a terrific job to rank a site. Usually, content marketing specialists have to go through this process to index the content for getting good rankings. Search engines can’t access your web page content without this crawling and indexing technique. Before going into detail, let’s talk about crawlers and crawlability.

What Are Crawlers?

If you want to rank your website, you need to understand this term. For browsing and indexing, search engines use crawlers known as bots that go through the content on the web pages. These spider bots crawl the web pages and make them known to search engines. Many people call them internet bees that work slowly but never give up. Therefore, you get every link indexed with the help of this crawling technique.

What Is Crawlability?

Crawlability is the term that comes into place when search engine crawlers go through content processing. The bots crawl the content and spread information for indexing purposes. It delivers the following services!

  • It provides a clear layout to search engines after crawling is done.
  • It also provides a clear sitemap once the processing continues.
  • It becomes easier for search engines to access web page content through crawlability.
  • It also keeps a check on the internal links of pages.
  • It also improves the navigation process when proper indexing takes place.
  • Crawlability also keeps a check on broken links, 404 errors, and dead links. This helps owners to fix problems when they create content to improve ranking.

Why Is Crawlability Essential for SEO?

Crawlability is so important for search engine optimization, as it is an integral part of this campaign process. With crawling, you provide a better user experience and improve search engine rankings. It is easier to navigate and that’s quite essential for running an optimization campaign.

It is also a technical part of search engine optimization that only professionals understand how it works. Users not only enjoy rankings, but they find relevant information over search engines due to indexing and crawling. Let’s take a look at the importance of crawlability!

  • Crawlability supports indexability that ultimately boosts rankings.
  • It improves readability and accessibility when readers take on the content.
  • It promotes navigation and delivers exceptional results when you see the results.
  • Crawlability makes your content unique and popular.
  • It also reduces the chances of penalities when you create unique content.
  • It always impacts SERPs and improves online search visibility.

What Are the Factors That Can Affect Crawlability?

There are so many factors that can affect crawlability. Make sure, you fix all such problems that can cause problems with crawling. Here you go!

Site Map

The poor structure of a website always matters when we talk about crawability and indexability. Your website should come with HTML and XML site maps for easy and quick navigation. Indexing becomes easier because of the smooth site structure. So, never ignore this when you are concerned about the ranking.

Web Page Loading Speed

Poor and slow speed always reduces the performance of web pages. A user never stays on your site when it takes too much to load. Therefore, loading speed should be good, as it always plays a handy role in optimization. Crawlability becomes better when improving the page speed.

Internal Linking

Poor internal linking is also a factor that comes into play for sure whenever we talk about crawling. The more you build internal links, the more you get quick responses. Of course, crawling becomes an easier and smooth process because of internal links.

Server Errors

If your site is facing server issues, then it can badly affect the performance of your site. Indeed, it creates a crawling problem, so fix these errors first to improve indexing and crawling.

Steps to take to Improve Crawlability

If you are serious about web ranking and its position at SERPs, you probably take strict actions to make it worthy and valuable. How do you make your site crawler-friendly? Without any doubt, you take the following steps to make your site better and work fast. Here are the approaches to consider!

Develop a friendly site structure

The very first thing is to pay attention to friendly site structure. Your web structure is crucial for driving traffic, even crawling becomes a smooth process when you have designed a friendly site structure and consistent web layout.

Utilize internal links appropriately

As stated above, internal links make a difference. The hyperlink technique is what makes a difference whenever you make good use of internal links to grab the attention of your audience. It reduces 404 errors and boosts rankings because of efficient link-building strategies.

Keep Websites Fast and Lite

Another thing is to pay attention to the speed of web pages and the content you upload. If you are to include images on the website, make sure you keep them lightweight to make them friendly for crawling. The lite and fast websites are easier to crawl.

Update Content Daily

Regular content updating is also a step that one should take to improve crawling features. Remember, the regular content updates can bring a massive change to your site when you are concerned about rankings.

Delete Duplicate Content

If you want to improve crawling, then delete all the duplicate and similar content from your website to make it work fast. Crawling becomes easier when you create unique and attractive content.


Finally, we’ve gathered some interesting points about crawling. No doubt, crawlability is a feature that plays a significant role to improve the credibility and ranking of a site. Search engine bots crawl web content after it has been indexed properly. It works better when you pay attention to content and site structure. Internal linking also improves the crawling, so don’t ignore it.