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Shopify Versus Wix – Which is the Best eCommerce Platform?

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Shopify versus Wix is one of the most confusing things because they have some similarities and differentiation points. Making your online store will be more beneficial if you have chosen the best eCommerce platform.

However, there are numerous website builders in the market that you can use, but everyone wants the best. So, we are here with Wix versus Shopify comparison that might help you opt for the most feasible option.

Both of the platforms are demanding in the field of eCommerce. However, they give different perks due to their salient features. Shopify has more versatility and power as compared to Wix. Anyhow Wix offers maximum design liberty with its unique designs.

Shopify is far better for those who have a larger business and store to run. Wix is good to go with small businesses and brands. But the thing is, Shopify vs. Wix is quite a trickier thing in terms of usage, price, themes, SEO, and features.

You will get the answer to all the queries related to Shopify or Wix in this article. In addition, we have given a straightforward and short narrative of both of these platforms to make a better selection for your store.

Wix vs. Shopify: What are the Major Contradictions?

You will get an idea about their key points that varies in terms of usage and functioning. Let’s explore both of these platforms’ contradictions. First of all, take a look at their defining facts.

Intro to Shopify & Wix


When talking about Wix, keep in mind that it is designed for content-based website making. But after the trending needs, it is modified and offers top-notch features to meet the user’s requirements. 


The fact is that Shopify is somehow more powerful than Wix. This is because it has a blend of features that requires time to command. This is why it is somehow considered tricky, but once you excel in the usage tactics, you can make an outclass website or store for your business.

Wix vs. Shopify

Major Contradictions

  1. Wix is easier to use as compared to Shopify because it has a quicker working scenario. Thus, you can have a faster and more accurate outcome to make a website or a store. While exploring Shopify versus Wix for selling products, you must focus on usage ease. Shopify is more powerful, and this is the point that makes it a bit challenging for usage. But when you get the grip, you can efficiently utilize this eCommerce platform for making the desired store.
  2. Shopify is suitable for bigger businesses that need growth. On the other hand, Wix is considered best for small businesses to start things with fewer risks. 
  3. One of the most important differences is the price factor. Shopify is a little bit expensive than Wix because Shopify costs $29 per month, and Wix costs $23 per month. So Wix is cheaper with fewer extra cost plans. But Shopify offers robust plans with maximum costs. They are different platforms that are why their price also varies because of their features and working style. 
  4. You can play with more designs in Wix because it gives maximum freedom for creativity. In addition, all the plans are free and provide a more effortless drag and drop facility. Shopify also supports sales tools to boost turnover. Unfortunately, it has expensive designs along with little creativity. But after buying the tools or techniques, you can create the desired online store or website for your business. 
  5. When you want to make a store that accepts and allows all kinds of payment gateways, then Shopify is best for you because it agrees to more than 100 different payment gateways. You have to pay extra fees in case you are not using its gateway. However, this will help you avoid transaction fees, and you can also avail of donations, tipping, and charity for your business. Wix also provides various traditional payment options such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square. Anyhow, it did not accept digital wallet payments, e.g., Apple Pay and Amazon Pay. The plus point of Wix is that there is no transaction fee to use any gateway.
  6. The most dominating contrast between Shopify ve. Wix is their serving style. Yes, you got the point. Both of these eCommerce platforms are different because Wix is a website builder, which is its basic functionality. Shopify is specifically designed to support your eCommerce business and run the store for the desired growth. 
  7. There is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant support with Wix and Shopify. It will make your store PCI compliant and help to protect your payment information. This is a necessary security option that both Wix and Shopify offer.



Making a clear decision to support your business is possible now because here is the detail of Shopify versus Wix; Which is the best eCommerce platform?

Both of these platforms have different features that are beneficial in their way. If you have a more extensive business setup and looking for growth, then Shopify is your buddy. 

And if you have a small business, working as an entrepreneur and a freelancer, then Wix is the safe bet for you. So, let’s turn the table to begin the growth in your business.