Why Shopify Plus A Detailed Review to This Plan

Why Shopify Plus? A Detailed Review to This Plan

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Gaining revenue and running your online store is far easier when you have chosen a helpful and helpful plan for working. Of course, different platforms serve your needs, but why Shopify Plus when you look for a perfect solution for your business?

Having a platform that fulfills all your requirements in terms of price and functioning is possible with Shopify Plus because it has a blend o features. But, due to its remarkable features, why use Shopify Plus and the benefits of this plan?

Various factors matter while having an eCommerce platform: omnichannel integration, SEO, conversion optimization, scalability, security, fees, Growth, and customer retention. 

This is the reason choosing an eCommerce platform has become trickier nowadays. But some platforms such as Shopify plus have got the hit. So now you might be thinking why Shopify plus is beating Magento? 

Why is my free plus shipping charging taxes in Shopify? What are the charges of the Shopify Plus plan? What about the benefits of this plan? These are the common questions when you are searching about the Shopify Plus plan. 

To reduce your queries, here are the detailed facts about the Shopify Plus plan in this article. 

What is Shopify Plus?

Have you any idea about the Shopify Plus plan? Let’s check it out:

What is Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a plan designed by Shopify enterprises to give next-level features to merchants and online sellers. They have created this plan with unique characteristics. 

It was launched in 2014 to support the business growth and bring the best solution to the users of Shopify. This plan gives maximum development with less cost and time frame. In addition, its broader serving style covers up to more than 1,700,00 pls businesses around the globe. 

Shopify Plus provides scalability and boosts sales to your business growth as a whole. In addition, it has exclusive features that can make your business dreams come true.

Some of the features of Shopify Plus includes:

  • USD 2,000 per month
  • Minimum launch time of 90 days 
  • Offers migration feature with platform specialists
  • Strategy and guidance support 
  • eCommerce experts for better working 
  • 24/7 services
  • Technical support for your queries
  • Ensures automated sales campaigns, promotions, and everyday tasks with eCommerce automation tools
  • All in one solution 


Shopify is a built-in wholesale solution that makes your business better than before. And these features are just the prominent ones. For further benefits, scroll down below and grab the facts.

Benefits of Shopify Plus

Undoubtedly, Shopify Plus is the most demanding platform among the growing brands. It has many perks that you can utilize to support your business n a very professional and subtle way. The benefits are:

Benefits of Shopify Plus

Ease with Maximum Features

The best thing about Shopify Plus is that you can have full features with usage ease. It is not like complicated eCommerce platforms that have features, but they are so difficult to use. 

There is no issue like traditional eCommerce platforms with features, but you can’t use them due to their technical requirements. 

Shopify Plus has made things easier for the users and makes order processing and management more feasible. It gives orders, products, customer records, reports, apps, and other features for definite usage ease.

Moreover, you can add products, manage settings, and orders with a mere click. Shopify Plus has made things easier and excellent for users.


Shopify Plus is encountered to help the more prominent brands. It serves to showcase their brand and boost growth with its unlimited scalability. This plan has a fully hosted SaaS platform that guarantees 99.99% uptime.

It helps to manage more than four million hits per second with thousands of orders per minute. And all this procedure goes smoother without influencing the performance of your site.

With Shopify Plus, you can avail unlimited bandwidth with more than 200TB of storage capacity for working. Thus, you can grow in a better and best way by using the Shopify Plus plan. 

Themes Versatility with Customization

You can opt for the theme as per your choice and customize the things in case of change. Shopify Plus comes with numerous themes that are ready to use.

It has up to 100 premium themes that give customization support for desired outcomes. You can use JavaScript and CSS to explore your store’s worth and utilize the customized solutions for betterment.

The best thing is that every theme is responsive in design that is one of the greater benefits of Shopify Plus. 

You can use the Section feature introduced by the Shopify Plus plan to drag and drop things in your store quickly. There is a facility of storefront core to have core customization and better design control. 

Moreover, in case of assistance, you can have support from Shopify Plus developers for better functionality.

Management of Product Launch 

One of the most challenging things is to manage the products on your online store. However, with the help of Shopify Plus, you can tackle these issues and enjoy the best outcomes. 

There are many things involved when launching a product. Issues in any step can create a fuss and makes things out of the way. Shopify Plus offers the Launchpad tool to decrease the hectic of merchants.

This tool helps you to manage all kinds of things, such as sales to product launches. For example, you can adjust the product price visibility, products per selling channel, and inventory. 

Take Away

Shopify Plus is specially designed for larger brands that require features, ease, and quality growth for their business. I hope you might resolve your queries about why Shopify Plus is better than other plans.

Moreover, choosing a plan is more beneficial if you use it as per the basis of your requirements, products, and budget plan. If one of the things is missing, then turnover also changes. 

So, make sure to be clear about your choices and then pick up the plan of any eCommerce platform to induce benefits rather than downsides.