Which eCommerce Platform is best in 2021

Which eCommerce Platform is best in 2021?

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Running a digital business in the present time isn’t easy, especially when we look at the complications and issues people face who are not tech-friendly. Is it necessary for a person to be tech-friendly for starting an online store? Not necessary, a person with the least technical knowledge and expertise can run a store under the guidance of specialists. The simple is to hire a technical person who has knowledge about handling eCommerce projects. It is a lasting solution that can ease your pressure. Your job is to sit back and relax, while a specialist is there to take your stress by running your online business. But make sure you do the right investment at the right time. Regardless of planning investment, one should search for the best platforms to kick off the online campaign. Which is the best eCommerce platform in 2021?

Top Ecommerce Platforms

There are so many eCommerce platforms that can take your business to the next level. Your target is to boost your business by choosing a smart setup. Before you conclude the one source, let’s take a look at some of the top eCommerce platforms. Here you go!


At the time of selecting eCommerce platforms, you often feel confused because of so many choices. A lot of things revolve around your mind that confuse you when it comes to choosing the right option. To remove your confusion, you may choose BigCommerce to meet your goals. It is an ideal platform used for running retail stores. If you are planning to start a new business, look no further when you have got this platform. You can add any niche to your store and BigCommerce never discourages you while setting up your business idea.

You can customize your store by having technical knowledge and understanding of coding, whereas CSS and HTML work great. There is complete backend support that allows users to run stores efficiently. If we look at the benefits of the store, we find it scalable and flexible with superb theme designs. It also supports SEO and offers a range of features. The only drawback is the inefficient speed and expensive plans.



WooCommerce is also the best eCommerce platform that has gained worldwide popularity. It is ideal for running retail and affiliate stores. It is easier to run and support payment gateways for integration. Also, it is ideal for running videos and heavy images to satisfy customers who like the visual display in the store. One can also add extensions to the site depending on the need and requirement.

It supports WordPress-free themes that can make your store look glossy. Further, you can add maximum products in different categories. If we look at the benefits, we find it SEO-friendly and has good customization options. It is highly customizable that only professional developers can do using coding skills. It also facilitates users with the payment integration process.

On the other hand, the platform has some drawbacks too. The one is its expensive hosting server and complicated coding skills. It also requires plugins and extensions to add features and it wastes time. It also offers limited support and creates troubleshooting issues with users.



Shopify has always been a top priority of many online users. Many beginners and online startups prefer to use this eCommerce platform to begin their activities efficiently. Indeed, it is the best-selling platform that comes with additional benefits. It has always been the best choice for starting dropshipping activities that millions of people from around the world prefer today.

For marketing, no other platform is best compared to Shopify. It efficiently promotes your business and that is the specialty of Shopify. You no longer need to promote your activities on social media because of this reliable platform. Above all, it is easy to use and operate; even you no longer need technical coding skills to run Shopify. It is user-friendly and offers a range of facilities to users who want to promote their business.

Despite the least coding skills, it offers backend support to users. The backend management supports a payment process that you can’t skip at all. If we look at the price, Shopify offers different price plans that make it an eye-catching platform in the market. It is expensive but comes with awesome features. It has endless advantages to uses, as it is easy to use and set up.

The speed is fantabulous and you can add so many partners to boost selling. It also comes with a range of designs that you can select to inspire the audience and target market. On the other hand, if we look at the drawbacks of Shopify, we find it a little challenging regarding customization. It is not much friendly for search engine optimization and needs a technical person to add functionality. Further, it is costly compared to other platforms and the apps are also expensive.



Magento is another crucial platform used for running retail stores and big brands. You can take examples of P & G, Nike, and many other brands that work on Magento. To establish this theme, you need a highly skilled who has an excellent grip on coding. Without coding skills, you can’t run this platform, as it is the key ingredient of this platform.

Further, you need to add extensions to run your online store and to add functionality to inspire the audience. It comes with free and paid versions, so the choice is yours whether you go with free or paid processes. It supports SEO as well and that is the need of the modern era. Moreover, you enjoy membership subscriptions and unlimited products on Magento.

It supports SEO techniques and offers excellent features including high customized options and flexibility. On the other hand, if we look at the drawbacks, it needs high-end development skills to establish an online store. It is also costly and speed isn’t up to the mark according to the price. It also needs extra storage and memory to enhance functionality.


The Best Recommended Platforms in 2021

Among all the top eCommerce platforms, it is not easy to decide on the best platform, as all platforms are best to some extent. Choosing the one has always been a difficult process, but we can pinpoint key features from the above-mentioned platforms. All platforms are perfect, whereas BigCommerce is ideal for running retail stores and planning SEO. Further, Shopify is ideal for running a dropshipping business. Moreover, WooCommerce is ideal for boosting search engine results. Overall, Shopify seems to be the best choice.

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