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Top Payment Gateways to Select for Your eCommerce Businesses

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Internet is full of information that you seek online to run your digital businesses. However, your digital business is incomplete without setting up a payment gateway. Can you imagine eCommerce without a payment gateway?

No chance! There is no way to begin an online store without setting up a reliable payment gateway. Payment integration with banks is another step, but the first thing is to find an authentic payment gateway platform for your store. Before finding payment gateways, let’s understand this concept!

What Is A Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a kind of software application that receives all online payments from customers against the sales you have made on eCommerce platforms. It is a payment processor that collects payment as a middleman to update sales records.

what is a payment gateway

All the payments come to this platform made by customers, as it securely sends payments to the processor.

How does it Work?

A payment gateway is a medium that successfully receives payments as a processer from customers. The payment process is a sensitive matter that takes place through credit cards.

The payment gateway uses encryption to protect your credit card details once a buyer enters payment details. All the payment processing takes place at the backend. Finally, you receive payment from the bank that you integrated with the payment gateway.

Points to Consider when Choosing Payment Gateway for Online Store

If you are planning to start your eCommerce store, your first task is to choose a safe payment gateway to run your store. It is the only way to receive payments after completing sales orders. Here are some points to follow while selecting the safe payment gateway!

  • Choose a reputed payment gateway that has earned the highest ratings.
  • Always select a processor that offers a minimum transaction fee.
  • Select a payment gateway that accepts multiple-currency support worldwide.
  • Always read the instructions carefully before you choose a payment gateway. Make sure, it supports a range of physical and digital products.
  • It must accept payments from top platforms including Master, PayPal, and Visa Cards.
  • It must offer a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience to the buyers.

Here are some of the top-class and widely used eCommerce payment gateways!


Stripe is one of the best payment gateways extensively used for eCommerce stores. It has become popular in the market due to its exceptional payment processing features.

The user interface of Stripe is amazing, as it allows you to develop APIs easily. Only technical customers can operate Stripe, as it is not easy to operate for beginners.

Interestingly, payment information stays on the same page once payments are made from clients. A credit card is suitable for making payments. Currently, the gateway is used by top countries in multiple currencies including Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and many more.

The processing fee is 2.9% for local transactions. Further, there are many advantages of using Stripe because of its endless support to merchants that work at the international level.


Skrill is a popular payment gateway that actively proceeds with online payments. It is specifically designed for the entrepreneurs of the UK. Today, it is used worldwide and has become one of the world’s best online payment processors.

It is suitable for all buyers and sellers because of its features to support buyers at the international level.

You can easily integrate this payment gateway to your bank following security checks. The processing fee is 1.9% and it charges a fixed amount on every transaction.

Further, it completely supports in-app payments; even you can also include third-party shopping carts.


PayPal is a reputed payment gateway that has earned worldwide popularity. Today, millions of internet users are using this payment processor due to its flexible features and committed services.

Indeed, it is a reliable and secure payment method that has grabbed the attention of famous brands around the world. The buyers don’t experience a transaction fee, as it is free to use. Only merchants have to pay fees to make payments using different cards.

Interestingly, there are no monthly charges, gateway fees, or setup charges on PayPal. It is the specialty of using this terrific platform, as buyers expect to enjoy free features when setting up accounts.

The processing fee is 2.9% per transaction and that is the only deduction that buyers experience. Generally speaking, merchants love to use this platform because of its quick working and acceptable payment solutions. The only drawback is the irresponsive customer support.

Amazon Payment

Amazon Payment is also a popular payment gateway used for doing safe and secure payments. It is a simple and easy-to-operate platform for doing big online payments. Indeed, it is the best eCommerce payment gateway that provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to set up their brands.

Interestingly, the platform is used by various merchants and customers at the same time due to its friendly support and stupendous features.

amazon payments

Integration also becomes easy with Amazon Payments that customers love to do with their banks. It provides quick check-in and check-out facility to users.

The processing fee is 2.9% on local transactions, whereas the international fee goes around 3.9%. Many brands use this payment gateway, as it guarantees no additional charges and provides 100% security.

The option of customization is available, but the merchants that do business at a large scale find it costly compared to other platforms.

Google Checkout

Google Checkout is a terrific payment option used for doing online payments. It is suitable for making eCommerce payments for all-sized businesses.

If you are looking for quick payments, Google Checkout is the quickest and effective payment gateway that charges less fee compared to other processors. 

The integration support is mind-blowing right after you easily set up the account. You always find it best at the time of integrating with AdSense.

The drawback is the acceptance of payments that only work for debit and credit cards. It doesn’t accept other payment modes just like PayPal does.


Payline is a quick payment gateway that provides smooth payment processing to buyers. It is easier to operate compared to other processors. If you are looking at the best payment providers, Payline seems to be a suitable choice for new starters and experienced entrepreneurs.

It is perfect for meeting your business needs. There is no concept of eCommerce without a payment gateway. One has to set up online payments to get things done nicely to boost purchases.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay works with Apple devices and gadgets. It is good for making secure payments within stores, apps, and websites. It accepts payment from a variety of cards including Visa cards, Master Card and American Express.

You can quickly and easily transfer money using this app. Also, it offers great advantages to iOS users who use the cards mentioned above.

Credit card details also remain secured with this processor. It’s a way to prevent scams and fraudulent activities. The drawbacks are also there with Apple Pay.

It is available latest iPhone versions above 6 and it has limited users from across the world. Sometimes, the software creates problems with the payments, and that frustrates buyers and sellers.


As per the above discussion, we come to know the necessary details about payment gateways. There is no way to deny the importance of payment gateway in eCommerce setups.

The payment gateway works like a middleman for entrepreneurs by collecting payments from customers. Later on, it sends payments to banks securely and safely. 

The entire payment system is encrypted that provides complete safety to users, as they stay in safe hands when using various payment gateways for eCommerce stores.

The above-mentioned payment processors are great with respect to features and safety. Which one do you prefer for your online business?