E commerce and M commerce

The Major Differences between E-commerce and M-commerce

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If you are planning to run a digital store, you always want to target the best audience to boost your sales and generate revenue. For improving sales, you choose the best eCommerce platforms to grab the attention of potential customers. Ecommerce and Mcommerce trends have become common these days, as sellers always look for opportunities to provide smooth and transparent buying platforms to buyers. Thankfully, eCommerce does it for buyers created by sellers.

Gone are the days when traditional commerce was playing its part to conduct buying and selling activities. Today, online marketing has replaced traditional selling styles. Everyone prefers to do online shopping, even sellers like to set up online stores on excellent platforms.

The rise of online shopping not only promotes eCommerce, but it gives great importance to mcommerce trends.

What Is the Difference Between Mcommerce and Ecommerce?

what is different between ecommerce and mcommerce

Mcommerce is known as mobile commerce. It’s a term used for buying and selling goods and services using smart devices such as mobile phones and handheld devices.

Ecommerce is also a process of buying and selling goods and services on digital platforms using an electronic system. There is also a need for fast internet to manage eCommerce activities.

Let’s take a look at key differences!

Ease of Use

Mobile devices provide comfort and an awesome experience to users. They find it so relaxing when managing to buy and sell on mobile phones and tablets.

On the other hand, eCommerce is also easy to use, but you don’t enjoy remotely operating benefits when running your digital stores.

The navigation also becomes a lengthy process on computers. On mobile phones, you quickly navigate the screen to check other products.

Devices used

The devices play a highly important role in running online stores, as users find access with the help of devices. For running eCommerce, you need laptops, computers, and desktops to manage buying and selling.

On the other hand, you can run m-commerce using smartphones, tablets, and several handheld devices.


A buyer is always concerned with reachability and connectivity when managing online sales. If we talk about connectivity issues, m-commerce can target a range of users in a quick time.

The connectivity is unlimited because of the handheld devices.

If we look at eCommerce, the connectivity and reachability are limited and that is a drawback in this platform compared to mobile commerce.


If you are searching for the right platforms to run m-commerce, you can look for native apps and web stores to manage sales and purchases. For eCommerce, the platform is a web store and most probably you run the store via websites.


If you run a digital store, you can enjoy portable services with m-commerce platforms. You can run it anywhere just by connecting to fast internet.

You always enjoy mobility using this particular online facility. For eCommerce, the chances of mobility are limited. Hardly, you take your laptop or computer out of your workplace to manage work. 

Payment Gateway

Mcommerce is easy to manage when it comes to paying to sellers. Usually, buyers use their debit/credit cards and mobile banking options to continue with the payments. In eCommerce, buyers can only use debit and credit cards to buy products.


The security is ensured with some great built-in mobile features that users enjoy everywhere they go. In eCommerce, users enjoy web security features that provide mental relaxation to users.

Location-tracking option

If we talk about mcommerce features, there is an option of tracking location because of smartphones. If a user opens up a location, it becomes easier to catch a buyer.

In eCommerce, you can’t trace a buyer, as this option isn’t available on computers and laptops.

Why mCommerce is the Best?

why mcommerce is the best

We have discussed above the key differences between Ecommerce and Mcommerce that are enough to understand the working of both. Being a user, you can’t underrate both services. Still, mobile commerce wins the race when compared to electronic commerce.

Mcommerce has always been a reliable option for smooth and hassle-free shopping. The future of online shopping is bright, whereas mobiles and handheld devices make it accessible and friendly.

Mcommerce has become the main weapon of an online industry that facilitates millions of users from across the globe. It has increased the number of users in a short time and entrepreneurs enjoy this sensational service.