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eCommerce for Beginners – Basic Facts About eCommerce

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The wave of advancement has taken the world to a new trance. That is why the source of buying and selling has also been revolutionized. There are numerous digital ways to buy products and sell them to relevant users.

When talking about eCommerce for beginners, the whole scenario is easy to understand. eCommerce is the electronic mode to sell or buy things online which is the new way for doing business.

Thus, it has been getting hype in recent years due to the Covid-19. But the thing is that what is eCommerce? How does it work for your business? And what is the best eCommerce platform for beginners?

They are the most common questions that you might be thinking about while searching about eCommerce. So, let’s unwrap the facts and learn about eCommerce, its utility, services, and benefits, along with various eCommerce platforms.

Here are the details of everything that you must know while doing an eCommerce business as a beginner. 

What is an eCommerce and eCommerce Store?

eCommerce is the way to sell and buy things online. It has been working for many years, but it has gotten more prominent in recent years. This way of doing business has made things easier.

And when things turned to an eCommerce store, it refers to online selling and buying services or goods. The Internet is the basic model that helps users to access a brand’s product.

An online store or a website is the place where you can sell things to the whole world. It gives colossal consumer support that increases the growth of your brand.

The most common examples are Amazon, Overstock, and ASOS included in the eCommerce business. Moreover, anyone can open an online store or website to sell the goods.

Although it requires a few tactics, you can excel at them and have fun in the beginning. Making an online store or a website for your business is not difficult when you are familiar with the basic things

Do not worry about starting an online business. Some of the best eCommerce platforms for beginners have been discussed in this section.

Some Best Platforms of eCommerce Business for Beginners

There are different eCommerce platforms for beginners that can be used to gain growth. Are you looking for the best eCommerce website builder for beginners? Then began the read.

Some Best Platforms of eCommerce Business for Beginners


Wix is the best eCommerce platform for beginners. It boosts your sales growth with its business-friendly features. This is relatively easy to use and brings beneficial support to your small or large business. 

It has the drag-and-drop feature with multi-channel sales capabilities. This platform offers a 14-day trial period; after that, you can continue with your favorite price plan. This is the quickest and easy-to-use eCommerce platform even beginners can use without any coding issues.

There are almost 500 templates that you can use as per your site needs. Moreover, you can avail yourself of Wix artificial design intelligence (ADI) tool to make an automatic website without any hectic.

It includes different plans such as Business Basic, Business Unlimited, and Business VIP. Try any of them to fulfill your requirements.


Let’s reduce your worries about how to create an eCommerce website for beginners. Shopify has all the features that will make an eCommerce store more fun, even for beginners.

You can easily make your store with Shopify and sell your things without worrying about the advertisement issues. It has a drag-and-drop interface with a fast website load time. This is the best eCommerce marketplace for beginners who want to sell old and new items.

It is available for a free 14-day trial that you can enjoy to have proper facts about this eCommerce platform. You can have the Shopify POS lite system with various beneficial features.

There is support for more than 100 gateway payment acceptance and multichannel advertisements for better working. It offers three plans with different prices and features. 


This is the best eCommerce platform that has flexibility for desired usage ease and requirement fulfillment. In addition, it provides support for accepting online payments, multi-channel marketing, and a 15-day free trial offer.

big ecomerce

There are different themes with the fantastic rest of the features. This eCommerce platform can add a blog, upload numerous products, use up to 65 payment gateways, and many other perks. It offers Standard, Plus, and Pro plans for various users according to their needs.


What format is better for beginners building an eCommerce website?

You may easily find different websites, formats, and eCommerce platforms in the market. But some of the most prominent are Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, and so on. They all are good to go for beginners.

Weebly eCommerce versus HostGator: Which is the best bargain?

Are you a beginner, then make sure to explore all websites properly for better outcomes. When talking about Weebly eCommerce versus Hostgator, they both have some unique features.

Weebly is a very easy-to-use site builder that provides various themes and photos to make your site’s attractive and responsive design. This is free of cost, and you can enjoy numerous benefits to get the best outcomes.

On the other hand, HostGator is best for those looking for some specific features such as private SSL, unlimited site hosting, and dedicated IP with a budget-friendly cost plan.


The business scenario has revolutionized, and people are moving to online selling and buying that is termed eCommerce. To meet the needs of the going trends and take benefit of this online selling, you can turn the tables in your favor.

Are you a beginner and do not know how to work in eCommerce? You can get an idea from this article. Are there complete details of what eCommerce is? How you can pick up the best eCommerce platform for beginners and some faqs for your queries. 

Grab the details about eCommerce for beginners and create, launch or publish your site or store to improve your business growth. You can choose the best eCommerce platform for beginners to get the best place for doing your business globally acknowledged.