eCommerce for Small Business

Ecommerce for Small Business – 5 Best Platforms to Choose

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Choosing the best eCommerce platform for small businesses is not a big deal when you have the right option on your list. But, undoubtedly, eCommerce for small businesses means more benefit and more growth to your sales.

Are you searching for which eCommerce platform is best for small businesses? Then grab the one that has eased for usage, scalability, SEO support, is cost-efficient, and is mobile-friendly.

Some of the common features you can prefer while choosing the best eCommerce website builder for small businesses. Numerous options in the market affect your decision-making.

Things have changed entirely nowadays for business growth because gone are the days when there was a need for a shop to sell your goods. Now, it is the era of electronic technology, and everything is available online.

You can buy all the things online with the help of eCommerce platforms. They give you ease and feasibility at the same time. To cater to your search for eCommerce platforms for small businesses, here are the five best eCommerce platforms discussed in this article.

Which eCommerce Platform is Best for Small Business Growth?

Make the best choice for your business partner by having the best eCommerce platform for your small business. There are various options, but what should you consider in an eCommerce platform? How to get the top-rated online selling platforms?

Let’s grab the facts about the best eCommerce platforms for small businesses.


Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms that gives a variety of features to support your business. It is suitable for small and large companies with its multi-benefit approach to making your online store more worthy.


This eCommerce platform renders excellent support for small businesses and brings growth factors. In addition, it has the custom domain, product finding, logo design, and the rest of the other features to make your small store even better.

There is an offer to buy an online store if you are unfamiliar with starting a business on Shopify. However, it is all the way easy to make your online store on this eCommerce platform. It has all the supportive things that can make your work easier.

It provides images of the products you can use for your product if you didn’t find any product shot. Moreover, you can have its 14-day free trial offer to start your business without spending any credit.

When you are satisfied with its trial period, you can switch to its different plans that have different prices and features every month. For example, its Lite plan starts at $9 per month and has various options, such as adding a buy button. 

There is the best web hosting for small business eCommerce with Shopify. You can utilize it as per your business prerequisites and gain more perks.

Some other features allow you to track orders, make and send invoices, along with online chatting with customers. However, its other plans have upgraded features that you can use as per your business needs. But, its Lite plan is suitable for small businesses.


If you are a beginner in eCommerce but looking forward to the best eCommerce platform for small businesses, then Wix serves you in this regard. This is a website builder with free-of-cost services.


It starts crediting the amount on its various monthly plans that are $17 to $25. You can enjoy numerous features with Wix for your online store or website. There is a ticket, mobile-responsive structure, priority-based services, SEO, and review facility.

This is not for your online store because it has the essential selling support to allow every kind of business to grow and gain perks. It’s one of the features that makes your products wordy famous is the physical and digital support.

Your customers can schedule appointments, listen to their favorite music and get digital downloads which is quite a variety on its own.


Boost your sales with this best eCommerce platform because it is beneficial for retailers. Most of the leading brands have been using Magento due to its unique features.

It is free to download with 24/7 services support to serve the users. This is an open-source platform that is a bit choosy about the developers’ access. You can create multiple channel marketing facilities for your business.

There is an option for your customers to plan orders according to their picking ease. It offers one free theme, and then you can buy other themes ranging from $29 to $500. 

You can avail of content management, accounting, customer support, security, marketing, and a lot more. All these features are offered with this eCommerce platform to make it worthwhile for retails and other users. 


Squarespace is one of the best eCommerce platforms that offer maximum feasibility to users. The plus point of this platform is to give better mobile-friendly services to the users.

There are different template designs with a mobile experience to give desired exposure to the users. But you can change this feature as per your requirements.

Moreover, it has a responsive image loader to load without wasting time like traditional loaders instantly. Squarespace has a fantastic factor: it loads the relevant image of the product according to the mobile requirements.

Thus, your customer views things without any issue. It has all the features that support easier mobile usage and give the users a better view. In addition, there are marketing campaigns, SEO support, and the rest of the things to boost your business’s sales.


Some of the best eCommerce options for small businesses have been narrated to make your business more worthy. All of these eCommerce platforms have salient features that you can pick up according to your business needs. 

Most people think, what is the best accounting software in an eCommerce platform for small businesses? What should be web hosting? What are the beneficial features, and how can they utilize them?

All these things are revealed in the above section. So, explore the facts clearly and get the one that bells your cat.