Which eCommerce Platform is Best for SEO

Which eCommerce Platform is Best for SEO? Some Top Rated Options

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Searching for a platform that can help you boost your website, online store, or eCommerce store with SEO is possible now. You can have an idea about which eCommerce platform is best for SEO in this article.

Things have changed in this electronic era, and you can get the most suitable solution to boost the growth of your store or website. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the way to improve the visibility of your website by increasing its worth. SEO is the best thing if you have a store and want to keep it on the top, so people have more reach to your products. 

Different eCommerce platforms help with additional features to boost the growth of your business. Here are five top-rated and most demanding eCommerce platforms that you can use for your store to get the best one.

Best eCommerce Platform for SEO

1. Shopify


Shopify is a beginner-friendly eCommerce platform that has numerous beneficial features for users. But, you might be wondering about which eCommerce platform is best for SEO? Then Shopify is the best way in this regard.  

It has a cost plan of $29 to $299 per month for different users. This is the most easy-to-use platform that makes things easier to do. The offered features involve:

Multiple Plugins 

You can have numerous plugins with a single platform that is Shopify. This may help you to get a better working scenario with minimal effort. 


Not to worry about the usage hectic because Shopify is one of the easy-to-use eCommerce platforms. There is no need for coding, and you can easily set up your online store or website.


One of the most dominating features of Shopify is the SEO support that comes in the form of a built-in blogging feature. It will help you create and publish the content about your store, services, or products to your readers/visitors/customers. 

Moreover, it has the tracking feature with Google Analytics. You can monitor traffic on your website with the help of this feature and improve the business revenue.

2. BigCommerce


This eCommerce platform has the SEO support to make your business more prominent. Its price plan starts at $29.95 to $299.95+ per month, which can be utilized per your needs. 

This is best for making an online store without any hectic. BigCommerce is an easy-to-use platform that has no coding requirements. Features of BigCommerec are:


It is easy to use because it has flexibility in its nature. However, newbies and beginners face problems with eCommerce platforms because they require coding. But BigCommerce has a plus point that allows you to work without coding. 

SEO Supported

There are SEO-supported features that make this platform beneficial for your store. For example, you can have a mobile-friendly design, SEO-friendly URLs, built-in 301 redirects, editing access, and a lot more.

Customer Oriented 

Your store must be customer-oriented, and BigCommerce truly knows this fact. That is why it offers all the customer-friendly features to render the best services to your buyers.  

3. Magento


Magento is the top leading open-source e-commerce platform with many features to make connectivity and selling more feasible for the sellers. 

It has a cost plan of $20,000+ per year that you can opt for your store or change it per your business requirements. Moreover, it has excellent features that make your website or store SEO supported with minimal effort. The features are:


This is a completely customized option that makes selling more accessible and more fruitful for the merchants. Undoubtedly, it is a bit trickier to use but makes things in your court with its customizable support. 

You can make changes to the site made with Magento and navigate the changes. Freedom and maximum ease are the plus points of this eCommerce platform. 

SEO Backed

There is a support of SEO tools that maximize the worth of your store or website. It offers coding addition, editing, and alteration for better sales outcomes.

4. Squarespace


Squarespace is one the best company that has a plethora of templates to win your heart. It has the $12-$40 cost plan for a month. Select any plan according to your business needs. Detail of its features is:

Blogging Braced 

Let’s begin the revenue increment with its in-built blogging feature. This is one of the main aspects that help in SEO. You can use it to induce more traffic to your site and gain the desired sales target.

Mobile-Responsive Design

You can tackle more audiences with Squarespace mobile responses support. For example, most users prefer mobile for online shopping, which makes it the best eCommerce platform SEO.

Better Customer Support

Do not allow your queries to ruin your passion for survival. You can ask all your questions with responsive customer care support and have the best solution without delay.

5. WooCommerce


This is the third eCommerce platform that offers maximum SEO features for your online store. In addition, it has free plugins with different fees for the rest of the things. 

You can easily use this platform if you are familiar with WordPress. There is a list of its features that might help you in a handy way. There you go:


It has the support of customizable with many plugins that makes site changes and editing more easier. As a result, you can conveniently make the site of your business and generate healthy revenue. 

Tech Support

Being an open-source platform, WooCommerce ensures no compromise on quality and functioning. It gives you maximum high-tech solutions with minimal issues. There are various plugins with day-by-day improvement for better working capacity.

SEO Facility 

WooCommerce has the SEO support to render the best growth factor for your site or online store. It has numerous SEO-friendly features such as built-in blogging, URL customization, mobile-friendliness, built-in 301 redirects, text editing, and so on for desired perks.


Having the best eCommerce platform for making your website SEO better is relatively easier. However, if you still have queries about which eCommerce platform is the best for SEO, read the details in this article and pick up the one that fits your needs and makes things in your favor.