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What Is White Label SEO and How Does It Work?

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White Label SEO Stands For What?

In simple language, white label SEO stands for SEO services offered by one company under its name for its clients after buying it from another company. 

White-label SEO success depends on how fruitful your relationship is with the other company you are hiring as an SEO provider for your agency.

Moreover, you are deciding to outsource the SEO work of your client to another company but under your name.  

There are several reasons why companies get involved in white-label SEO 

  • To offer more services to clients.
  • To attract and gain new customers.
  • To compete with other agencies.
  • To maximize profits.
  • To save time and money.

Who Does Whose Work in White Label SEO Relationships?

A white-label SEO is a relationship between two parties in which one company gets hired by another company to provide SEO services for the latter company’s clients.

SEO Services Provider

The agency that gets paid for providing SEO work that gets resold again by another company is called a white-label SEO service provider.

SEO Services Reseller

The agency reselling the SEO services and work of other companies under their name is termed an SEO services reseller.

Why Would You Choose To White Label SEO?

After understanding the white-label practice for SEO, the first question is why you need to do white-label SEO for your agency.

You can get a compelling answer to this question if you keep reading the reasons why you need to go for white labeling in SEO.

To expand services

Just like a retailer who keeps adding products in store to serve more customers and gain profits, you should add and list more services for your clients.

To gain and retain customers

You can retain your already present customer who is looking for optimization services. Moreover, more services mean more possible customers.

To compete with other agencies

With the passing days, the number of agencies handling online tasks is increasing rapidly. If you want customers to choose you first, you must compete with companies superior to you.  

Increase revenue

You can maximize your profits from your client or white-label partner, which will ultimately increase the total revenue of your agency. 

Save time 

Giving SEO responsibilities to your partner company will save you a lot of time, and you will be free enough to focus on your core services for your clients.

How to Look for the Best White-Label SEO Provider?

It is necessary to get a partner with the right and quality content-providing SEO provider to enjoy the benefits of white labeling. Your company needs to look at the following points before hiring another company for your SEO work.

What are they offering?

Finding the right partner for white-label SEO is not an easy job to do. First, you must know what kind of services the company you are getting partners with offers. And if you need it or not. 

Reputation in the market

Ask people and other companies they are already working with about the performance of the agency you are collaborating with for future activities.

Client Reviews

There is no better option than getting an idea and reviews of the company’s quality work from the customers and clients they serve. Talk with them and read their online reviews on the internet.

What White Label SEO Provider Can Do For You?

Your SEO-recruited company can do multiple tasks and can provide several services for clients under your name. 

Provide SEO analysis

They can analyze websites and provide you with reports on how to improve the performance of the websites handled by your company.

Keywords and voice Searches 

Keywords and new trending voice searches have become a core part of all SEO-related tasks. Your SEO provider is the one who can provide you with content based on these keywords.   

Optimization Services

Clients’ asking for optimization services to increase the visibility and ranking of their online content can be provided by collaborating with your white-label SEO provider. 

Write for you

Once you start white-label services, your provider will be responsible for writing quality content for you, including web content, articles, blogs, guest post, etc. 

Off-page and Onpage Services

Off-page and on-page services include all the activities done, from building a website to increasing its exposure among audiences. Your company can offer all these services to its clients by hiring a white-label SEO provider.


White-label SEO is an agreement between two companies in which one outsources the SEO work of its clients under its name to another company. It is a good way for any digital agency to maximize profits and expand services.