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PPC campaigns helped scale Audeswin holiday sales by increasing their visibility on the most important platforms in our target audience’s search journey.

Sales jumped by over
86%, more than expected

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Aude Swim is a swimwear and resort wear brand based in Florida, USA. Aude Swim has its targeted market in the USA. AudeSwim joined us in July 2021. We started our first campaign on the 1st of July by considering their old stats. Reach a wider demographic than the existing customers who are already familiar with the Audeswim brand and products. We delivered an inclined number of customers. 




Aude swim wanted to get maximum sales and make their market existence. We provided information and solutions to their customers’ issues. Research on improving online visibility. We promised to stay ahead of competitors in digital marketing. Increase on-site conversions that indicate purchase intent, like contact form submissions and store locator searches, and improve PPC campaigns to maximize results and ROI.

How did we do that?

  • We started with comprehensive Research about the Business and the Audience that would be interested in buying our products.
  • Then after Research we moved towards the next step and prepared our Ad Copies and Ad Creatives.
  • Then Created multiple Audiences having different behaviors, demographics, and interests to test which performs best for us.
  • Then finally launched our First Campaign and let it run for 72 hrs to see which Ad Set performs well.
  • Once we found our Winning Ad Set, we took that to the next step and started Scaling it with CBO.


With Facebook & Instagram Ads we targeted the audience that would be interested in our products. By using a specified strategy we targeted the high-value users towards the store and were successfully able to generate High ROAS.




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FREQSA provides a complete range of Clothing and Apparel performed by a highly experienced and professional team. Based in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.




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The sales funnel is a website page of Donnie. This project is handed over to Adziv Digital 6 months back; with its great responses, Donnie delivered two more projects.

  • Funnel Design
  • Development
  • Marketing

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“The team was transparent, responsive, and understanding. They understood the client’s needs and delivered quality results.”

“Thanks to Adziv, the company has seen growth in their number of impressions and web traffic. The team is quite responsive is executing all of the company’s requests in a timely manner.”

“The team’s availability and efficiency despite working from another time zone displayed their professionalism to the internal stakeholders of the company.”