10 B2B Lead Generation Companies in USA

10 B2B Lead Generation Companies in USA
Lead Generation

10 B2B Lead Generation Companies in USA

Lead Generation Companies

Continuing the momentum of earning profits, leading clients towards their future business growth, these are the companies known for lead generations. What drives a lead generation company? The enthusiastic team of explorers and genius minds working alongside each other. They hire people with the potential for success, someone that would spur the business growth. Working alongside the clients as their partners (in the shape of businesses or websites) a lead generating company advertises the product and services their clients offer to the target audience.

Contrary to how it sounds, lead generation is not an easy feat. To help businesses become efficient, to deliver them ready to convert leads takes strategic thinking and proper planning. So what makes a good lead generation company to attract the niche?

Point to ponder: How do top lead generation companies work?

Since the world is more directed towards the digital world, ranking a company with a few keywords can do wonders for business advertising. This is the ultimate solution. When you find a website on the search engine you may see an ad and click on it. A landing page opens which directs you to the website, once you click for more information.

A form is available on the page, the user fills it by putting the required details including their email address. Once the form is forward to verify the information, a relevant company is all prepped up to finalize a deal with the customer. Even for one user to click on that landing page or to fill form requires an effort. It’s a multi-tiered strategy to aggregate the consumer and then direct the information to the company.

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So the standard services offered by a lead generation company includes

  •   Database marketing
  •  In-house marketing teas
  •  Business’s database and information and so on

It all begins with building websites, optimizing the main site, and booting the SEO practices to attract the target audience. Top lead generation companies nurture those leads and filter the right lead for the right company.

Usually, leads are attracted by content syndication i.e. via blogs and emails, social media, online advertising and optimization of landing pages, and so on.

The top tier lead generation companies in the USA

Digital platforms let the global businesses overcome the political boundaries but let not forget that lead generation companies are outsourced. Here in the USA, the competition is ever on the rise; therefore we have conjured a list of the top 10 contenders for your ease. Shall we begin?

  1.     Cience Technologies 

What is a company proud of? Employees are the assets for any company; the same is the case with Cience Technologies. Founded in 2015, San Francisco, this company has grown its clientele thanks to their lightning-fast communications and proactive concerns.

Their teams are well accomplished, professional, and efficient and known for their effective strategic style to generate leads for client companies.

The company offers flexible skilled resources that help to boost sales and to drive results. To improve the performance of its teams, they also offer learning courses to enhance their in-house professional development. This results in diverse strategic teams that make the team members eligible to rise for any challenge.


  •  Fast turnaround time
  • Always available to answer any query
  •  Professional style
  •  Content creation
  •  Email prospecting

2. Adziv 

Although this is a new entry in the game of the lead generation, Adziv’s virtual assistance has made its clients more than just happy customers. If you are looking for a global marketer, none can do better than a company that does conduct business digitally around the globe. Providing marketing consultancy to foreign companies.

 Adziv is one of the fast-growing companies on the global digital platform that offers a range of online marketing services that includes;

  • Web design and development 
  • Ecommerce
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO 
  • Dropshipping 
  • Shopify development 
  • Magento solutions 
  • SEM services and so on 

The company’s aim is to help its clients grow their business without leaving the comfort of their offices by implementing a lead generation program. they track, reach, and draw fresh leads from the online hub that helps to boost the brand image, create strong B2B relationships, and much more. 


  • Fast turnaround
  • Effective communication 
  • Content creation 
  • Lead generation programs
  1.     EBQ

Situated in Austin, USA, EBQ established its name on the USA grounds in 2006 as it decided to bring delight to its B2B clients by outsourcing sales and marketing services.

The team is highly professional and is dedicated to boosting the sales cycle, fills in the gap between sales and demands, and thus accelerates the whole sales process. They provide their services to software, hardware, and cloud technology organizations. The company also helped BigCommerce to generate new sales reps which helped their clients to launch internal lead generation efforts too!steal our organic traffic blueprint

Some of their high-tail services include;

  •   Data verification
  •  Miss data filling
  • Trade show marketing
  •  Social media management
  •   Market research etc.


  •   Professional staff
  •  Quick learning skills
  •  Fast turnaround
  •  A market segment is driven 

 4. Martal Group 

Looking for a quality incentive? Martal Group located in NA is all about generating top leads for its clients. The expert team comprises an ideal B2B sales team, known as one of the top lead generation and sales agencies that provide services to enhance its client’s in-house sales team. The team is highly expert in generating leads for 

  • SAAS
  • IT services
  • IoT vendors 
  • Location-based services 
  • Video analytics
  • Consumer insights 
  • Sales performances and so on

The best part of hiring Martal Group is its availability. They work around the clock and have a strong foothold in the US and Candian markets. The team is professionally trained to leverage real-time intent data that helps to deliver the intent score and so on. The proprietary workflow creates a bundle of opportunities to target the required leads. 


  • 24/7 availability 
  • Multi CRM support 
  • Personalized sales
  • Builds brand awareness 

5. Callbox

Looking for a lead generation company that helps you to grow your business and generate more revenue goals, Callbox is your good-to-go option. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has provided a full range of services including lead generation, appointment setting, and data-related solutions. 

The company’s aim is to connect with its clients by using a multi-channel strategy. The live sessions, one-on-one conversations, help discuss better ways to nourish the client’s company’s growth. Leads are collectively attracted by the popular digital platforms including email, social media, search and direct marketing channels, and so on. 

With more than 10,000 campaigns completed for B2B clients, Callbox ensures to generate the desired results. Moreover, the company nurtures B2B capabilities and pipeline management features.


  • Virtual assistant
  • High-quality prospects
  • Account-based marketing approach 
  • Promotes and facilitate webinars

6. VSA, Inc.

If you are looking to build a successful partnership, VSA will ensure to drive clients towards your business. Founded in 2001, the business took over with Elder Law Attorney as their first client. The company is branched into making B2B appointment settings for local and international businesses. Considered to be among one of the top prospecting firms, they offer complex products and services alongside customized prospecting processes. 

The technological-based infra-structure has evolved with state-of-the-art voice, data, CRM, database, and majority software capabilities that remains unprecedented. 

VSA helps its clients to grow from local business to multiple industries. With an employee eccentric atmosphere, the company is well known for its; 

  • Appointment setting
  • Lead generation
  • Market research 
  • List building 
  • Call center 


  • Easy file transfers to remote desktops
  • Excellent administration 
  • Reliable customer’s IT infrastructure 
  • Great reporting tools
  • Vendor integration 

7. Yodel Technologies

A customizable platform is all it takes to generate leads. With the motto, “Every Interaction Matters”, yodel Technologies has established a network of clients all over the US and at international forums. 

Located in the US, Yodel provides services onshore and offshore at the most competitive telecommunication services. If you plan to grow your company, preparing a campaign becomes easier and steadfast thanks to the proper planning and scripting, agent management, and strategic growth planning. With long term experience in marketing products, the company understands the verticals and industries, which allows them to have successful engagements in the market. The company is focused and driven to optimize the campaigns. Moreover,  the popular industries covered are the auto industry, education, insurance, financial services, healthcare, retail, and market research. 


  • Global presence
  • Best customer engagements
  • Agent performance available 
  • Fully customizable 
  • Customized dialing 

8. Strategic Sales and Marketing 

Founded by Al Davidson in 1989, SSM (Strategic Sales and Marketing) is a professional lead generation company that specializes in B2B lead generation, appointment setting, and managing sales for its clients.

The major services are rendered to account for sales lead generation and appointment setting programs that target companies with the complex nature of B2B products/services. The high-core solution sell process overcomes the challenges in generating leads for multiple industries. Keeping this factor in mind the B2B services include 

  • Marketing services
  • Service outsourcing 
  •  IT Consulting
  • Training 
  • ERP solutions
  • Cataloged items etc.

All reps are in-house employees that invest their skillset in delivering the desired results. The lead qualification funnel is the process covering different stages that helps our experts to convert target contacts into successful leads. 


  • Sales accountability 
  • The highly-trained sales team 
  • Effective communication 
  • Improve the qualification of business leads
  • Boost conversion rates 

9. OutboundView

If you are looking for a lead generation company to guarantee 10-20 qualified leads in 30 days, then give a call to OutboundView. 

The company guarantees meetings and hot trail lead before setting an appointment while meetings are booked directly on the client’s sales team calendar. Interested parties must adhere to qualifications set by the company itself, before acquiring their services for lead generation. The company finds the targeted leads and is focused to retain the leads via customized outreach with the help of an email, over the phone, LinkedIn videos, and customized mailers. 

The company offers to provide its clients with qualified leads and sales opportunities to expand their business. To be able to accomplish the long-term goals, they perform 1-2 weeks of research before putting a  long-term effort into running a campaign. The major services offered include;

  • Email marketing 
  • Inbound marketing
  • Marketing automation 
  • Marketing consulting
  • SEO
  • User Interface


  •  Buyer Movement process 
  • Tracking jobs
  • Boost lead opportunities

10. Atlantic Growth Solutions

To improve your organization sales, Atlantic Growth Solutions provide a perfect solution in the form of lead generations. With more than 5,000 qualified leads in the last 6 years, AGS has driven its clients in the line of business growth. 

Companies that face sales challenges lack the qualified leads or the conversion rate is too low, therefore AGS offers its services to boost the sales lead, provides B2B sales training that helps its clients to upgrade the team skills. 

In the B2B niche the company excels in providing services for;

  • B2B tech 
  • Fintech
  • IoT and IIoT
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Telecom 

They work alongside their clients to have a proper understanding of how their client’s companies work, the way they want to target an ideal customer, and so on. Therefore the targeting process focuses on the ideal prospect and engages them in the early stage of the sales conversation. 


  • Continuous support and coaching 
  • Virtualize the sales process
  • Growth readiness
  • Qualified lead generation 

Follow the lead generations

Sales are the fuel for any business niche. Always keep the company’s goal in mind when hiring an outsource company for lead generations. The best way to engage a targeted prospect is to speak their language. But how to do so? The above-mentioned companies are one of the best ways to increase your conversion rates and annual sales without extra worry. So being a B2B marketer if you are willing to spend your share of money then do make sure that the lead generation company helps you to;

  • Targets niche
  • Cost less than advertisements
  • Generates the revenue 
  • Boosts the conversion rates 
  • Works on brand awareness 

So which of these top lead generation companies will be your pick of the day?

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