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How Can Beginners Use Rich Snippets in WordPress?

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Rich Snippets in WordPress. The visitors of the present time consistently implement innovative searching techniques on search engines. Google seems to be the leading search engine used worldwide. For smart and efficient searching, the users expect more details when using Google. Nowadays, things have changed, and owners prefer to use schema markup WordPress strategy to enhance research for the target audience.

It all depends on your research, whether you look for a recipe, product, image, or any particular video. You always want to see structured data based on your query. The use of WordPress-rich snippets can help you cover the full details of your query. With the addition of snippets, you can customize your search results for specific data such as events, food recipes, and product reviews.

Here arises a question! Why Google rich snippets are a must? Is it mandatory for a search result? No way! It’s an optional feature that you can skip or utilize depending on your choice. It has no disadvantage, as it enhances your research process. Thankfully, visitors find it helpful when looking for relevant searches. Using this, a user can look for relevant specific results quickly. It’s a way to make SERPs look friendly and responsive.

What are Google Rich Snippets?

A rich snippet is a term used for improving the appearance of structured data to facilitate the audience. Usually, site owners add these snippets in HTML to make search engines work better while showing data on web pages. Further, it brings a clear picture to users when they come across search results. Therefore, users go through necessary details about their queries, including URL, title, and description. With these schemas, you improve your research process that visitors enjoy with more information around your products, reviews, and food recipes.

Content-Type Supported By Rich Snippets

Being a site owner, you always look at the content type supported by Google-rich snippets. It’s a concern of owners who want their content to look different and unique for the audience. Usually, search engines appreciate microdata, microformats, and RDFa. Here is more detail around the content type supported by rich snippets!


Rich snippets play a vital role in showing reviews. It brings stars to the review that customers give to your product, and that’s what brings a smile to the face of viewers. It’s an excellent way to increase the strength of your visitors.


There is no point in skipping WordPress-rich snippets when looking at the products. If you run an online store, you get a chance to improve your PR using this snippet technique. It shows your items with complete images, names, descriptions, prices, and quantity. As a result, you can easily compare high and low prices between the products of multiple merchants. In addition, it gives a clear message to the audience regarding a range of products.


People also fall in the category of snippets when you look for famous profiles. With the help of schema markup WordPress, you can search for full details about people and their staff, including name, title, role, and profession. Contact detail is also available on the page that guides a user skillfully. LinkedIn seems to be the best profile that you can view through this facility.


If you wish to search for a particular organization and business entity, you would want to find maximum details about that organization with the help of WP-rich snippets. It is easier for a user to find relevant information about the firm, such as contact detail, name, email address, and business location. The option is just mind-blowing for the searchers.


There are plenty of choices that make this rich snippet technique popular, whereas the search for events also makes this famous. Many researchers expect to see structured data for upcoming events. With the installation of the rich snippet option, you can make it easier for your audience to come across summarized details, including tickets, date, venue, and location of the event. Isn’t it an impressive option?

Music & Video

Music and videos are also a part of schema markup WordPress. It allows users to go through structured data while searching for their favorite soundtracks and videos. They can see a preview of songs before playing, whereas all the credit goes to the snippet technique that facilitates visitors. As far as video content is concerned, they also find additional information regarding the video that gets their attention.


Last but not least is the recipe. People use WordPress-rich snippets to manage cooking-related data. They want their audience to see clear and informative data regarding recipes. Therefore, many users add schemas for dish names, sizes, calories, fats, ingredients, etc.

Why do you need rich snippets?

The purpose of adding rich snippets is to make your content look attractive and engaging. An owner’s target is to make it appealing, but the ultimate goal is to convey the message to the audience by making research user-friendly and accessible. It’s a way to share complete information about the product and business you wish to promote. With this, users find more attraction in your content because of the extra detail that impresses them. The rich snippet also supports your content to rank higher, and it has a lasting relationship with SERPs.

yoast rich snippets

How are Snippets Important for SEO?

Search engine optimization and schemas go hand in hand. Every site owner wants to rank his/her website on Google. In contrast, Google-rich snippets’ addition plays a fantastic role in lifting web pages. Therefore, many people look for schema markup WordPress techniques to boost their keywords. The use of schema markup arranges the data in a sequence and improves relevant searches for the visitors. In short, it brings awareness among the audience around the content they search over Google, as they come across extra information about that particular product, review, recipe, business, and event.

It is the reason; search engine optimization techniques need the proper use of snippets to make visitors aware of the data. Interestingly, the data comes in a structured form that makes it easier for readers to access the website.

How to add schema to your Web Page?

How to add schema to WordPress? It’s an essential question that many people search for it. Indeed, the answer is simple because people add schema to produce rich snippets. The platform matters a lot that you use for creating schema. Does Google seem to be the leading platform that people use for this purpose? Indeed, it has a deep connection with search engine optimization techniques. Let’s take a look at some ways to add schema to WordPress!

Adding Rich Snippets Using a Plugin

If you run a WordPress website, it’s a must for you to add rich snippets using a plugin. There are several ways to add it, but most users go with extensions to include it in a website. So which is the best schema plugin for WordPress? Schema.org Rich Snippets is the best extension to use for your website.

Activate the extension and click on the icon that you can see on the menu icon. After activation, you may see several options on the screen, but the best is to create a new post. Of course, you can also edit your existing post, but many operators make new posts from an SEO point of view. Once you see the box, your job is to select the content type that appeared in front of your screen. Then, you can fill it as per your niche and content plan. For example, if you want to add a recipe, you can complete the fields to create snippets based on the recipe. Once you complete the job, don’t forget to save your post.

Adding Rich Snippets Manually

Want to add WP-rich snippets? You can look for a technical process to add it through code snippets WordPress. It’s a way to manage structured data to support visitors who look for you through Google. Further, you can manage it through HTML. Hence, you need a professional developer who has excellent command over web development services. Text editor can also help you manage schemas to make your message stand out.

How to Know the Correct Use of Snippets?

If you have done your job and now want to test your search engine results, you can follow a simple idea. Use Google’s structured data testing tool to come across your doubts. Paste your schema in the box and click on the Fetch URL link to add your link. Now click on the process to review your schema. In a couple of seconds, you will see the best results.



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