What Is Schema Markup and How Do I Implement It for SEO

Searching For Information Becomes Easy- Implement Schema Markup

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Opening every query to search for the necessary information is a hassle that can easily tire people. Business owners use different tactics to increase the traffic to their websites. One of the spoken tactics is schema markup. Many website owners do not know what schema markup is. In the following topic, it is explained what Is schema markup and how do I implement it for SEO?

When you are looking to rank your website on the top of the result of a search engine, many aspects must be followed. One of the aspects includes the type of information and the method you use to convey this information to the user.

What is Schema Markup?

For those who know of internet snippets, it will be easy to understand the schema markup. For a search engine, schema markup is like a clue that helps convey small clues about the content on the webpage. By using schema markup unstructured data is converted into structured data. After the schema addition on a website, the bots can easily crawl, resulting in an increase in website ranking on the search engine.

People can create schema code by using different tools on the internet. They do not need the knowledge to write specific code to implement schema markup on the internet. Online less than one-third of websites use schema markup. Schema markup is a great opportunity for a business to increase the ranking and traffic generated to the website.

Its Work for the Search Engine

The content you provide on the webpage in the search engine is indexed. The indexed content, when used in schema markup, is returned differently. Since schema markup is used to display information related to specific subjects on internet search queries. When a user searches for information related to your subject. Google ranks your website and schema markup instantly if it is directly related to the information searched.

The use of schema markup in a website allows the user to instantly obtain information about the website’s content while being on the search engine result. The SERPs show what your website is all about. The price of the product, If the product is on sale, where the product is being sold when the shop is selling the product, and many more.

This is mainly used to make the users focus more on your website so it can generate more traffic and CTR through the website.

The Importance of Schema

No matter the content type, schema markup can help you obtain a higher position on search engines. Schema markup can be used for anything, from the simplest definition of a word to the components and details of a company. No matter the data on the website, it will always have attributes you can use to create schema markup.

After performing thorough statistics, it is said that with the use of schema markup, the website will rank at least four positions higher than without schema markup. The potential of schema markup is extremely important. One-third of the website population using schema markup ranks higher in search engine result positions.

Types of Schema Markup

Schema markup contains information that can simplify the information search process on the internet. Different types of schema markup are used on the internet to keep the users informed of the search result that a search engine provides. Some of the followings are the types of schema markup provided on the internet.

  • Organization Schema
  • Job Listing.
  • Product page.
  • Video page.
  • Local Business.
  • Event page.
  • FAQ.
  • How to.
  • Recipe.
  • Bread crumb.
  • Article.

In schema markup, a person can take advantage of a lot of room since a few businesses use schema markup. Using schema markup increases your website’s online presence, helping you generate more traffic and increasing your ranking in search engines.

Having a great schema for the website allows you to increase the chances of obtaining rich snippets. The snippets contain the website’s information and ensure users know the data they are obtaining. 

The snippets may contain information in the form of a map, prices, ratings of a product, recipes of food, and contact information of businesses in the local area. These snippets become attractive for users hence generating traffic to the website.   

Type of Codes for Schema Markup

People can use three different types of code languages to write schema codes. These are the language that can write the schema code:

  • Microdata.
  • RDFA (Resource Description Framework in Attributes).
  • JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data).


The coding language called microdata provides detailed or explained notes of the HTML tags, making them simple for the readability of machine language. While the microdata is easier to use, the code gets messy since every tag must have extra microdata to explain the tag’s content. Microdata code language includes attributes like itemprop, itemscope, and itemtype.


RDFA use is similar to microdata. The information of the code needs to be added to every tag. The attributes used in RDGA are “about, type of, property, and datatype.” People can search for schema.org to learn about different types of vocab.


Unlike the other code language, JSON-LD can be placed anywhere on the document’s body. The attributes of JSON-LD are @context and @type.

People mostly use the JSON-LD between the three different languages because it is easily readable and simple to add and remove. The important factors are the search engines. More than 90% of the search engines are related to Google, and it prefers the website to use JSON-LD code language.

Tool Preference for Schema Markup

People can use many tools on the internet to write schema markups like the Google Structured Data Markup Helper, Schema Markup Generator, and many more. Using the tools is simple and does not require extensive knowledge for people to write the markup. Anyone can use the tool if they know about the markup language’s attribute to define the webpage’s content.

If you want to create markup without an error, then the best tool will be Schema Markup Generator by Merkle. This tool will help you write the data and deal with any possibility of error.

Surpass Open Graph

A markup type of Open Graph is generally used by Facebook and represents the information about the component and the information to be displayed. Schema markup is used to display more information than Open Graph. To display the information, they can be used together. However, Open Graph cannot replace a schema graph due to the amount of information it displays.

Test the Schema

Google provides different tools that people can use to check the schema they have written. The tools check the schema and provide the result in a structured form. From the result, a user can understand the type of outlook their markup will have. If there is any problem with the schema, the tools will show you what needs fixing.

After writing the schema, it is best to test it to ensure no error occurs during the display process. One misstep can cause the schema to fail; hence should be properly checked before it is attached to the document body.


What Is schema markup, and how do I implement it for SEO? By reading the information, a user can understand the need for schema markup on a website. The use of markup is greatly recommended to gain greater benefits and a higher ranking on SERPs. The potential of schema markup in the business is still blooming, so make full use of every opportunity to increase your brand’s online presence.