What Is a Meta Description

What Is a Meta Description in Search Engine Optimization?

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A meta description is the basic part of search engine optimization. It completes the entire optimization process right after you set the title tags. It improves the online visibility of your business to let people know about your products and services. Indeed, it is the reason behind the successful SEO campaign. There is no chance to ignore the description that appears on search engine results pages for the visitors.

What Is a Meta Description?

A meta description is the summary of the content that covers 160 characters. Every web page covers 160 characters for each site. You have the option of editing and changing your description before you publish it on the site. Interestingly, it has a strong link with title tags, as both appear in the search engine results pages. The tags are unique and relevant when you create them keeping in mind the target audience and the nature of your business.

Many experts believe that Meta descriptions are not enough handy for boosting the rankings, but these are ideal for driving decent and qualified traffic to your site. Overall, you find benefits in creating these descriptions that make sense. A user who opens the search engines has to think about the different results, so most users click on the web page after reading the Meta description.

A well-written Meta description changes a user’s mind about whether to open the web page or not. If you want to see compelling and dazzling results, your title tags and descriptions should be engaging and attractive to the target audience. Never disappoint your visitors by creating low-quality descriptions that don’t make any sense.

It appears as a snippet of your text that visitors read under a link. In short, it is the summary of your content that guides visitors about the nature of your business and other things that belong to the setup. It is a game of content development that does the actual work. Above all, you can eliminate Meta descriptions from your campaign setup. It is the key element or feature that sets up your optimization campaign the way you expect from the start.

Three Easy Steps to Follow Know the Meta Description Strategy

If you are an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert and want to be, you need to learn the art of creating Meta descriptions. It is the task of on-page optimization that every specialist has to go through before launching the campaign. It is really an art to write compelling descriptions that force visitors to click on your snippet link. What are the three easy steps to follow? Here you go!

Character Length of Description

The most challenging thing is to fix the character length of the description. It is the first thing to consider before writing descriptions, as being a specialist can’t skip the character limit of the description. It should be less than 160 characters. You can write 160 characters, but the recommended is to write 155 characters to avoid the cut short results. 

To check the length, you can use pixel software to find out the exact length of characters. With this, you can write an accurate title and description length. With the help of tools, you can fix the length of your description and it is the recommended practice to enhance SERPs.

Set the expectations of visitors

Other than setting up the character length, the most crucial thing is to set the expectations of your visitors. Let them know about your ideas through well-written Meta descriptions. You set their expectations by letting them know through well-written lines under a set character limit. What should your visitors expect before clicking on the link? It is your job to let them know what they are looking for!

Use action-oriented words

Last but not least is to use action-oriented language to grab the attention of your target audience. Your words can create magic when you are serious about promoting your products and services using search engine optimization services. Therefore, try to include attractive words along with keywords to get their attention. It is why action-oriented language works to attract a potential audience.

Final Thoughts

As stated above, a Meta description is the summary of your content, not more than 60 characters. It forces your visitors to click on the snippet link over search engine results pages. Furthermore, it should be comprehensive and must be comprised of action-oriented language.