Keyword Golden Ratio

KGR: Keyword Golden Ratio – Ultimate Guide for Massive Results in Hours

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Late last night, I was reading a little bit. I sound a bit like Hermione Granger in Harry Potter.

Anyway, KGR seemed mysterious, like the KGB, and I wondered what it was. Instead of going to sleep when I was meant to, my brain decided to stay awake. I didn’t fall asleep until 3 am, but not before I had time to process this calculation. which, I hope you get.

Once again, what is KGR? It stands for Golden Rule Keyword. This is a term I’ve never heard of. Did you?

What Does All of This Mean?

A data-driven approach to finding low-hanging fruit that is underserved on the Internet is reportedly called the Keyword Golden Ratio.

How Does That Function?

A case study was presented by Doug Cannington. Why Ultra Long Tails Aid in Google Sandbox Delivery. If you identify a KGR phrase, compose your content with that keyword in mind, and then post it, your piece should easily enter the top 50.You may rank even higher if your website has solid authority and isn’t brand new.

Confused? I remember being up at 1 this morning.

How Will This Benefit You, Then?

It will help you gain more traffic earlier and keep up your motivation if you are a beginner. You can prioritize whatever terms you wish to write about and publish on your website by creating a list. You might require a program to reduce the list of keywords because you could end up with hundreds of them.

This procedure is labor-intensive and manual. KGR was used to test this notion, and it proved successful. You may achieve results that increased from $100 to $14,853 in 12 months if you published 200 posts over the course of 5 months. the 800% increase in traffic

There Are Five Key Benefits to Using the Kgr

1. Remain inspired

Although building a profitable specialty website takes time, new website owners need to experience little successes right away to keep motivated. Early evidence of website traffic and sales (cha-ching!) demonstrates that your efforts CAN be successful.

2. Set priorities for your efforts

You may prioritize which keywords and material to publish first rather than blindly throwing darts at thousands of keywords. KGR aids in distilling your list so you may focus on competitive low-hanging fruit terms.

3. Be Balanced

For many things, including keyword research, trusting your instinct is acceptable. (At least not at first.) You can have reasonable expectations for how any keyword phrase you target will really perform if you consistently apply a data-driven approach.

4. Be Notable

Most people won’t bother because it’s a manual process to calculate KGR, even your rivals. In a few minutes, you’ll get access to rich data that they can’t quickly access using a free web tool.

5. Leapfrog Rivalry

Few things are more motivating than seeing your website appear higher in Google’s SERP results than well-known rivals.


Your website won’t miraculously rank first in search results by using the keyword golden ratio. However, KGR can assist you in generating organic traffic to your website as quickly as possible.

At the same time, you must examine your company more closely to see how KGR fits into your objectives and business plan. The Keyword Golden Ratio might not be what your business needs, but that’s okay. You must make a choice right away to avoid wasting time experimenting with a strategy that doesn’t work with  your existing strategy.

KGR is eventually one of the numerous strategies you must take into account as part of your SEO plan. Combining it with other strategies should hasten the growth of your website and help you generate more traffic and sales in a short period of time.