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How to Write Meta Descriptions with Key Tips and Examples?

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Do you bother when losing the ranking of your website? Everyone is curious about the ranking, as it loses your top visitors when the ranking drops down continuously. How to write Meta descriptions? It is a major part of on-page optimization that plays a major role in driving decent traffic and a little bit in improving the ranking. No doubt, it doesn’t play a crucial role in ranking, but it drives more traffic to your web page when readers pay attention to the description.

What Actually is a Meta Description?

 A Meta description is the summary of the content based on 160 characters. It provides a brief description of the content that you provide on the web page. Also, it is an HTML version of your web page that provides a brief introduction of your site to the visitors. With the help of snippet editor, you can write accurate content, as it provides you an opportunity to see the preview of your Meta description before it gets live.

Why It Is Important in Search Engine Optimization?

A Meta description is quite an essential feature of the search engine optimization process that not only improves the online visibility of your website but forces users to click on your page after going through search engine results. It is only possible if you have created an attractive and eye-catching Meta description to inspire your target audience.

Therefore, Meta descriptions are so important for search engine optimization, as you seek the attention of your audience through short advertisements about your products and services. Google algorithms crawl your titles and descriptions to let searchers know about your website. The more you focus on clarity and comprehensiveness, the more you drive a positive outcome. After all, your target is to boost the traffic, whereas your brief description can make it happen.

How to Write Click-Worthy and Comprehensive Meta Descriptions?

If you want to create a click-worthy and comprehensive Meta description, follow these effective tips to write attractive and compact descriptions.

Pay attention to usability

Want to grab the attention of potential visitors? You must pay attention to usability when writing the descriptions. It is your ultimate goal to bring maximum traffic to your web page, so write a simple and easy-to-read description that works faster than complicated ones. Focus on accuracy and relevancy whenever you write lines using online tools. If you want an excellent bounce rate, then use simple and catchy words along with seed keywords.

Write Unique Lines

The most essential thing is to write unique lines whenever you create Meta descriptions. Try to be different from your competitors. If you write unique lines, you always get a chance to impress decent visitors. Your page content is what you need to inspire your audience, so always pay attention to catchy and unique words that stand out. Make sure, you improve search engine results through descriptions.

Create Attraction to Seek Attention

If you write unique words, you always have a chance to create an attraction that obviously seeks the attention of your visitors. It is the simple and easiest formula to drive a positive outcome. The call-to-action idea makes sense when you write catchy words. CTAs can do an extraordinary job to increase your rankings and traffic.

Add Primary Keywords

Never ever forget to include the keywords whenever you write a Meta description. If you include seed keywords, you have a chance to rank better on search engines. Your visitors know more about your products and services when you add keywords to the short descriptions. Also, you can bold the primary phrase to get the attention of interested readers?

Don’t go above 155 characters

The most important thing is to write accurate words whenever you write meta descriptions. Make sure, you don’t cross 155 characters, as it is the most recommended and implemented practice for meta descriptions. Professional SEO specialists don’t increase the length and try to write less than 160 characters. The word count is a must in writing descriptions.

Follow the instructions of Google

Last but not least is to follow Google instructions. Whenever you write meta descriptions, make sure you follow the schema markup when adding elements to the descriptions. If you want to add FAQs, information, and anything to your description, just follow the instructions to create snippets.


Conclusively, meta descriptions are easier to write. One needs to follow the SEO instructions to write catchy and unique lines. The best thing is to write 155 characters keeping in mind the keywords and extraordinary words to bring good visitors.