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How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Social Media?

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Many affiliate marketers are succeeding despite the fact that they do not have a single social media follower. The truth is that social media is merely one of several ways to make affiliate sales.

If you’re an affiliate marketer with no social media following, this post will show you the most frequent strategies to succeed.

5 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Social Media

1. Using SEO to Drive More Traffic

Organic search traffic is the most obvious approach to making money through affiliate marketing without social media. Despite the fact that it’s a lengthy and exhausting process to rank for tough, affiliate-friendly keywords, there are a few significant advantages to this strategy:

To gain organic traffic, you don’t have to be an “influencer.” Rank highly in search engines like Google for proper, educational content is available to everyone.

You’re getting paid nothing for the customers you bring in. When compared to sponsored traffic, your affiliate commissions are yours to keep without having to worry about the expenditures associated with marketing your products.

Once the traffic arrives, it’s there for good. Your website will need to be updated and current.  While this may seem like a lot of work, it’s actually rather easy to maintain organic traffic with this strategy.

A persona isn’t necessary if your affiliate company is mainly driven by organic search engine traffic. You don’t have to be unique in your website or your writing. With this, you can sell your affiliate business far more quickly than if you’re an influencer on social media. In the end, the value of the company is in the content, not in the individual who owns it.

seo more traffice

After that, you can begin writing. For affiliate marketing, here are a few successful content formats: 

  • Featured products: This article presents a side-by-side comparison of several products. You may see something along the lines of “best home audio system.” Making an article of this type does not require extensive knowledge of the discussed products.
  • Product review: Zooms in on a single item. Highlights advantages and disadvantages, examines the product’s benefits and provides a detailed description.
  • How-to guide: A tutorial teaches you how to accomplish something, such as building a website from scratch. To make it easier for readers to purchase web hosting, you can include affiliate links in the body of the post.

It is challenging to make affiliate marketing profitable when relying on organic search results. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basics of affiliate marketing before you get started.

While not everyone can become a social media influencer, anyone may publish meaningful content that answers a search query. As a result, anyone ready to put in the effort can become a successful affiliate marketer relying on search traffic.

2. Invest in Ad Space

There is a lot of work involved in gaining organic traffic from highly sought-after keywords.   There’s always the option of buying traffic to your affiliate site if you don’t want to wait around that long.

invest ad place

However, this is more difficult than it appears. Despite the fact that you can buy visitors through Google Ads, making these campaigns lucrative is another matter together. Promoting high-priced affiliate products and negotiating a special agreement with the manufacturer are the only ways to work this strategy.

It is possible to make a lot of money as an affiliate marketer by relying on sponsored traffic. With the appropriate product, the proper commission, and the right paid traffic campaigns, this may be an extremely lucrative option.

3. Created a Mailing List for Newsletters

In affiliate marketing, email marketing is one of the most common methods for promoting items and driving sales. As an internet marketer, having an email list is the only way to stay in touch with your customers. Direct and indirect affiliate commissions can be earned by growing your email list through your affiliate website.

By including affiliate links in your emails, you can get an income from affiliate marketing. Indirectly, you can make money from your email subscribers by driving them to your website.

malling listnewslatter

You may greatly increase your affiliate income in two different ways, both of which are extremely effective. You should strongly consider establishing a mailing list from the start of your new affiliate website.

4. Adopting the Practice of Referrals

Affiliate marketing can be made more accessible with personal recommendations from family and friends. Referrals are an accessible way to get your goods and services in front of tens of thousands of people.

When people see others using a product, they learn more about it. To make money, you need to be in the right place at the right time. Referrals are easy to get by if you provide the high-quality services your customers demand.

practice referrals

In affiliate marketing, word of your excellent services spreads quickly, resulting in increased sales of your items. As a result of the referrals, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your marketing skills and expand your audience.

As a result of recommendations, you won’t have to spend money on advertising; your excellent services will do the talking for you. Referrals are a great way to do affiliate marketing if you don’t want to be seen.

5. Messages and Calls

Affiliate marketing relies heavily on telecommunications. Marketing gained some attention after the invention of mobile phones. People can now conduct business on their cell phones without any issues.

The cost of using a cell phone to communicate is really low. The message that has to be conveyed is delivered on time to the intended audience.

messages calls

Because of the advantages of employing mobile phones in affiliate marketing, the desired message gets to clients faster. Your products are available to customers via their mobile devices.

It’s completely up to you when, where, and how you conduct business. You can chat to as many people as you want in a matter of minutes thanks to the phone. It’s possible to send a variety of messages to different people simultaneously. The use of cell phones diminishes face-to-face interaction.


Our discussion in this post has covered five methods for being a successful affiliate marketer that does not require social media to be effective. Many affiliate marketers are entirely unnoticed and aren’t even on the radar of social media influencers of any significance.