Which eCommerce Website is the Best

Which eCommerce Website is the Best for Making Online Store?

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Making a website or online store is a possible thing when you have picked up the right option. To reduce your queries about which eCommerce website is the best for making an online store, we have figured out the top-rated places in this article.

Many things must be explored while choosing an eCommerce platform. Making a website, launching products, payment set up, and managing the customers is a hectic thing.

All these issues are resolved when you opt for the best eCommerce platform. But, you might be thinking, which is the best eCommerce website builder? What are things important to consider while selecting a website builder or eCommerce website?

You can easily find infinite eCommerce platforms or website builders that offer different features. But the thing that you must remember is your need and budget. 

Every website has its perks and drawbacks that should be explored in a very subtle manner. Some of the best eCommerce websites are discussed in this article that you can use for your brand or business. Before further ado, let’s check out the details.

Some of the Best eCommerce Websites

Thankfully, there are various eCommerce websites that you can use to make an online store or website for your business. But, are you confused about which is the best eCommerce website builder?

Here is the solution to your queries. Some of the best eCommerce websites are:


Wix is on top of our list because it is one of the easy-to-use websites for eCommerce. You can have the desired usage comfort and maximum features with this website builder. 


It has the drag-and-drop option that makes website making more feasible. You can create an online store or website with Wix by utilizing its features. This platform offers all the things that you require for an online store.

There is a free domain name with a site editing option to enjoy top perks. In addition, it has thousands of in-built templates to serve all kinds of needs. You can select the most relevant theme and template, and all set to go.

The best thing that you can enjoy with Wix is the exemption of extra charges. There is no penalty for additional charges like other eCommerce websites. You will only have the standard payment processing fees.

Moreover, it is simple to use and implement. You can easily make changes and update your site at any time. There is the option to add new products, manage their inventory and orders at the same time.

Its templates are updated, SEO supported and professionally designed to meet modern needs. Additionally, all the features are supported with each plan to give maximum benefit.

Wix Plans

Basic $23 per month
Unlimited $27 per month
VIP $49 per month

For further details and usage support, you can have the 14 days free trial of Wix to explore all the facts.


Shopify is on the second number on our list. While searching which is the best eCommerce website builder, Shopify pops out as the most tending solution. It is due to its unique features and multi-benefit plans.


You can make your online store easily within minimal time. Shopify Plus offers 90-day store launching support. This is a great factor that makes Shopify better than other eCommerce websites. 

Its layout is easy to customize, edit, and update with unique templates. Shopify has different plans that offer amazing features. It is a beginner-friendly website builder that offers no compromise on your needs and budget.

Shopify allows you to make product lists, product listings, and product inventory by utilizing its tools. In addition, it has a search engine optimization SEO feature, inventory management, and payments collection support to win your heart.

Moreover, it provides automatic payment handling and taxes management. Wondering about which is the best eCommerce website builder? This eCommerce platform has solutions for all your queries and fulfills your needs with different plans. 

Shopify Plans

Shopify Lite $9 per month
Shopify Basic $29 per month
Shopify $79 per month
Shopify Advanced $299 per month
Shopify Plus $2000 per month


Bigcommerce is one of the famous site builders that can be narrated as the best eCommerce websites. It has detailed customization support backed with a drag-and-drop facility.


Additionally, it is easy to use and has product listing, inventory management, shipping details settings, and all the things you want for your eCommerce website or store.

You can have customer support with Bigcommerce to communicate with your customers through the live chat feature. This is an advanced option for beginners but best for professionals who need the next-level website builder.

With Bigcommerce, you can sell online with its different plans. In the standard plan, you can sell your products with marketing tools to boost growth. By using its pro plan, you can scale your growing business with better outcomes.

Its customizable features are easy to use and beneficial for beginners as well as for professionals. It is a bit challenging to use initially, but after having a grip on its features, you can make the game in your court and have a desired online store.

Pricing Plan of Bigcommerce

Standard $29.95 USD per month
Plus $79.95 USD per month
Pro $299.95 USD per month


Getting the best eCommerce website is not accessible if you have different options on your list. Searching about the best platform to build an eCommerce website is easier because we have discussed the best platforms for your ease.

Most of the merchants wonder which eCommerce website is the best for making online stores? Wix, Shopify, and Bigcommerce are some websites that you can use to make an online store or a website.

All these websites have their features, price plans, and utilities that vary from each other. So you can have an idea with the above details and pick up the one which fulfills your requirements.