How to Add Products Sub Collections in Shopify

How to Add Products & Sub Collections in Shopify?

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Add Products & Sub Collections in Shopify: Shopify is in talks everywhere due to its flexibility and friendly features. There is no surprise in choosing this superb online platform for running your business. It provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to begin activities on websites under this wonderful platform.

Everyone today loves to build a website on Shopify. In this article, we’ll overview the steps to add products to manage the selling and buying activities.

How to Add Products in Shopify?

If you are planning to add products on Shopify, you can do it easily by following the instructions given below.

Login To Your Shopify Account

The first thing is to log in to your Shopify account to add products to the page. You need to set up a Shopify account to add products to invite visitors. So, login is the first step you take to enter products into the eCommerce cart.

Login To Your Shopify Account

Go to Products

After login into your account, the next thing is to utilize the navigation options shown on the left side of the page.

Now, click on the Product options and also press on Add Products button that appears on the screen. It’s a simple way to add products after you sign up for the page.

Go to ProductsGo to Products

Add Product Details

Once you reached the product section, next thing is to add product details on the page to continue the process. What are the details you add to the page?

You probably consider product description, title, type, and vendor type to educate the audience that visits your website.

Add Product Details

Add Inventory

It is also important for owners to add inventory details to let the audience clear the concept of the product.

The inventory section covers product price, weight, stock information, and shipping details to aware buyers.

Add Inventory

Add Images of Product

After adding variants, you must also add images of products to satisfy your buyers who want to see goods displayed on the page.

Relevant product images come into place whenever we consider display for customers. Store owners should not ignore the display while setting up an online store.

Add Images of Product

Add To Collection

After you add products, the most important thing is to add the collection to enhance your eCommerce business.

A Collection is known as a category in online stores, whereas you can add specific products to the collection to inspire your audience.

Furthermore, you can also add tags to manage categories of your products regarding color, size, and quality of the product.

Add To Collection

Can a product be in two collections on Shopify?

Yes, one can surely add a product to two collections using this brilliant platform. How to add products & sub-collections in Shopify?

The first thing is to create collections before you add products. What do you know about making a collection in Shopify?

It’s a way to summarize your products to provide a good shopping experience to potential buyers. For this, you can’t neglect sub-collections once you plan to make a collection.

How to Add Sub Collections?

If you are new to Shopify and you haven’t added collections and sub-collections, we’ll let you know the art of adding collections within collections. To add sub-collections, you can practice two recommended methods to run your Shopify store efficiently.

There are a number of ways to manage sub-collections, but we have got you covered with recommended techniques and options. Here you go!

Option One

The first option is to create a page and page list to manage products. The easiest way is to create a separate page that works under the parent collection. How do you manage it?

You set up a Page and add a template to manage sub-collections. The technique is known as page.list-collection.liquid page.

Further, you can control the page with navigation options to manage collection efficiently.

After completing the page setup, you create sub-collections following the method we have explained above. It’s a way to customize your page by adding the name and images with ease.

If you have an excellent grip on HTML, it will be easier for you to handle sub-collections using 1st option.

Option Two

Option two is terrific when we look at creating sub-collections. One has to understand the HTML to handle this section. You simply have to edit the code to add a new template to set up collections and sub-collections easily.

Whenever you create this file, you tend to create codes so it doesn’t affect the structure of your site.

Click Save Product

The last thing is to click on the Save button to set up sub-collections and products under parent collection. It is the last step that you should follow to add products and sub-collections in Shopify.

Click Save Product

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