How to Improve SEO With Structured Data in 7 Steps

Quick Guide to Benefit SEO with Structured Data

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Search engine optimization is extremely important for businesses to generate more website traffic. Data structure greatly benefits the ranking of a website in the results of search engines. Following the information stated below, people can learn how to improve SEO With structured data in 7 steps. What is structured data?

The additional information with search queries of a search engine is structured data. It is the combination of codes that place additional clues and information related to the content of a page. These clues can be specific information about the products of the website.

Use of Structured Data by Search Engines

The search engines use the data label and snippets to deliver the information. These snippets appear in the HTML code of the website. When a user performs a search. The search engine studies the additional information and tweaks how the result will show on the search engine result page.

The bots of the search engine index information on the website and present it to the search engine. After this, the information is interpreted to determine the website’s content. Using the algorithms, the search engine determines what type of informative content is on your website.

The structured data makes the search engine work simple by providing clues related to the product on the search engine queries. These results can include a guide, product price, product rating, product recipe, contact number, and many more. The search engine uses this information to give results to users’ search queries. 

When a user searches for something on the internet, he does not give a proper specification of what they need. The structured data can give some information related to the product so they may understand what they will find on the specific search of the query.

Why Does it Matter for SEO Work?

The work of every website owner is to increase the website’s visibility to generate more traffic. The best way to increase the website’s visibility is to be on the first page and position the search query. Since more than 75% of the population clicks on the first query of the search page, the remaining queries do not get enough traffic and are consequently ignored by people.

Snippets are a brief introduction to the product that the user searches for. This brief information tells the user important information they need to know. Furthermore, people almost immediately click the snippet options when they see the information related to their search inquiry.

Improve CTRs

The snippets like the product price, rating, and availability can increase the outlook and the rank on the search list. When people see the structured data, they can determine whether the product is still available on the website.

When the CTR of your website increase higher than the website that ranks above you, the metric immediately informs the search engine of the relevancy of your website. The subsequent activity increases the rank of the website on the search engine.

Website Dwell Time

The use of structured data can decrease the bounce rate on the website. Users search for important information related to the product and continuously bounce between websites to find the information that suits their searched requirements. 

Websites with snippets can cause the user to dwell on the website longer to search for the information since it has already specified the product’s basic information. More relevant information may follow soon. 

Product markup informs the users you are selling these products and the rating and prices of the product. This way, they will most likely click on the website, gaining higher CTR.

Boost Result Ranking

With the increase in CTRs and dwelling time on the website, the search engine ranks your website higher. Furthermore, since the website ­­­is meeting the users’ expected requirements, your website gains a higher position on the search engine result list. This is one of the main reasons why every business uses structured data for their websites.

Steps to Increase the SEO with Structured Data

After knowing the use of structured data, here are the steps to increase the website’s SEO ranking.

Find Structured Data Tool

Before anything else, a user must first find the tools to create, find, and test your website’s structured data. There are multiple tools on the internet that people can use to find information related to the website’s structured data. After this, a user can move to the next part of the step.

Select Markup Page

After finding the tools for the structured data, the website needs the pages for markup next. While a person can mark up more than one page, the best option is to focus on the page that has high-quality products and generate good results.

To find the ranking of the web pages, you can use an analytical tool online, which will provide results in the form of an index table. People can view the list in ascending or descending order after selecting one product’s options like best-selling rank, rating, price, sale, or reviews.

Add Page to Markup Helper

After determining the page you want to use for markup, you can use the data structure tool. If the tool does not meet the user’s requirement, it shows the tool does not have the option of FAQs. The user can use a different tool for the markup which meets his requirements.

For general cases, users will have no problem finding other tools that offer services similar to Google structured data markup helper.

Create the Markup

When selling a product, the markup includes highlighting the important elements of the product. Product highlights may include the product’s rating, prices, and colors. If there is information related to the product, you cannot add it to the page.

Click on the button “Add missing tag” option on the bottom right of the page. You can provide information like a description or the product’s name on this tag. Once you have completed the page markup, click on the button “Create HTML” on the top right of the page.

The tool will provide the structured data, and if any element is missing from the page, you can make adjustments to the data by clicking on the “Back to tagging”. The user needs to make sure to stick to the format of JSON-LD. Google prefers this format. Hence corporations using structured data are also Using JSON-LD.

Use Googles Testing Tools

Before updating the page with the structured data, make sure to check it. Even if it is created by Google testing, the structured data help you in fixing any error that might have occurred when adding manual tags. People can use Google’s structured data testing tools.

Using the tool, you can evaluate the markup and find the richness of the structured data. The tool will allow you to preview what your snippet will look like in the search engine result.

Update the Page

After developing the structured data, the next step for the snippet is to attach the snippet to the webpage. This requires some developers’ skills. If you are unfamiliar with HTML, forward it to your developer and let them handle it.

Monitor the Results of the Snippets

Using the Google search console, the user can see the result of the snippet of the web pages. You can see the result of the snippets and whether they generate clicks for the websites. The user can use the filter option to determine how much difference the addition of snippets has caused to the search engine results.


After understanding how to improve SEO With structured data in 7 steps, people can utilize the benefits of structured data to gain better traffic to the website by adjusting the data structure of the website to present important information related to the product on the queries of the search engines.