Why Anchor Text Matters

The Importance of Anchor Text in Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization is an essential online marketing service that builds brand awareness and improves the ranking of a website. There are different techniques used for improving the ranking of a website, whereas on-page and off-page are two major divisions. On-page is a kind of one-time service that includes title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and image optimization. 

Furthermore, off-page optimization covers link-building strategy along with the use of keywords. Anchor text in SEO also gets the attention of visitors. You always target to see the top rankings of your website by using good keywords. Your SERPs deliver magnificent results when you have successfully applied on-page optimization. 

Every owner expects better search engine results, so choose relevant keywords and pay attention to your link-building strategy and the use of anchor text. It helps search engines to read the relevant things when users click on it. Indeed, it’s a part of navigation that guides visitors about your products, services, and particular information.

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is a clickable link that visitors click on it to reach the new page. It’s a blue piece of text that users see on the site known as a visible and clickable hyperlink. The web owners often use blue color, but it all depends on the color scheme of a website. Additionally, the link takes a user to a landing page that may be the website being optimized.

In short, an anchor text helps a user to reach the relevant page. The purpose is to increase the traffic and reach your target audience. It is also known as a link title that provides complete information to visitors. Make sure, you click on the anchor link to get proper information.

Types of Anchor Text Formats

Do you know how to create anchor text? It is the job of an SEO specialist to create anchor text. Let’s talk about the different types of anchor text formats!

Exact match

The exact match anchor text always matches your target keyword. You have to match your primary keyword to create an anchor text. If you are to make a recipe for chocolate cake, you probably find relevant keywords to create anchor text. The exact anchor text is what guides your visitors around products and services. It helps in smooth navigation and processing. In this process, you always use the exact keyword in the anchor text.

Partial match

Partial match is also a crucial term used for creating anchor text. In a partial match, you include some words of your keywords. For example, if your keyword is “organic food shop” you may use it as “buy organic food from store”. In this way, you have used your keyword partially and that’s how you set up anchor text. You don’t write an exact keyword, but you always find some part of your keyword in your anchor text and known as a partial match.


Another important anchor text is to use a brand name rather using partial or exact keywords. The brand name works, even the website name can be used for this purpose. It always targets your website when using a brand name. Indeed, it works great for driving solid conversions.

Naked Link

A naked link is used when you don’t have an attractive anchor text. The SEO process is technical and you always have to create unique links, whereas naked links can work great. An expert uses URL in the naked links and it all speaks about the advertising. You may use it like “visit our store to get products”. It is how you make use of naked links.

Website Name

If you are looking at the types of anchor texts, you may also use the website name as your URL. People often use the site name in the anchor text to inspire visitors. Using a website name is all about improving the online presence of your business and it works as a perfect anchor text.

Generic anchor text

Other than using the website name, generic anchor text can also be used to create links. It is a general link that comes in simple forms. You can use Read more, Learn more and Click here to attract your target audience. Generic anchor text is what you need for guiding your visitors about the products. It is the most visible clickable link that visitors love to press.


The use of images also works great when using anchor text. Many SEO experts like to use images for producing links. You can promote content using attractive images that not only bring stupendous results but improve brand awareness as well. Pictures speak more than words, so it is the best clickable anchor text that makes your business popular. If you are searching for an effective form of anchor text, images make sense.

Why Is Anchor Text Important in SEO?

Are you searching for the importance of using anchor text in SEO? It plays a significant role in optimization, especially in guiding visitors. It is the only way to educate your audience by putting hyperlinks on the text. It speeds up your searching and makes indexing a smooth process. With this, you get to know about the number of visits made by users on your web page. 

Anchor text and SEO go hand in hand, as both are connected to each other. However, anchor text makes a massive difference when it comes to improving the ranking of a website. It is the information you provide to your audience using a link. Also, it helps the audience to understand your services just because of clickable text. It controls your website and brings more visitors to your website.

Anchor Text Strategy and Practices You Should Follow

If you are searching for an anchor text strategy, you must be familiar with using it in SEO. Of course, your target is to generate quality links and drive traffic with the effective use of anchor text. Let’s talk about some best practices you should follow for using an anchor text!

Keep your Anchor Text Consistent for SEO

The most important thing is to use anchor text consistently. Make sure, you use links of the same length when creating the text. It has to be precise and accurate when using hyperlinks. Make it easy to read for your visitors and that’s the top strategy you should follow while generating links. Keep the color blue and better follow an internal linking strategy to make it easy to understand.

If you use 10 words, then better use 10 words for all your keywords and texts. Keep in touch with your audience by using consistent links. If you know about their choices and tastes, you can create better links for your visitors with the help of using anchor text. Consistency always matters for the anchor text.

Keep your Text relevant

Another important thing is to use relevant text that you want to use for the linked page. Creating an anchor text is easy when it comes to generating links when you keep it relevant. For this, you must use matching phrases that can improve the ranking of your website.

Don’t always use the same anchor text

If you are up for improving your SEO campaign, the best is to use different anchor text. Don’t always use the same text every time. With this, you can improve search results by using a variety of keywords.

Avoid using too many generic links

Generic links play a highly essential role in an SEO campaign, but avoid using too many generic links. Make sure, you use exact and partial anchor text to bring consistency to your SEO process. It can bring good results for sure when you minimize the use of generic links.


As stated, we’ve come across some useful tips regarding anchor text. There are so many types of anchor texts including exact match, partial match, naked links, and keeping your text relevant. It’s a strategy that can bring an improvement to an SEO campaign. Further, you can drive good results when using an attractive anchor text.