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How Does Shopify Dropshipping work in 2021?

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Running a business in today’s competitive time has become challenging for beginners, even experienced entrepreneurs face a lot of issues while selling products. Thankfully, the concept of dropshipping facilitates the entrepreneurs of 2021. It has become a popular business model in the present time for those who are eager to make money with minimal effort. It’s a flexible way to earn a profit, but one has to spend time to run this business.

Shopify seems to be the best platform to be used for running dropshipping activities. There are so many eCommerce platforms people use for running online stores, but Shopify is one of the leading platforms for offering dropshipping services.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the latest form of retail business, where a seller doesn’t keep the inventory and goods in stock. A seller relies on the efforts of suppliers who may be a manufacturer or wholesaler. If you want to sell items through Shopify dropshipping model, you come across a third-party supplier who keeps inventory records and sells directly to buyers.

It’s a retail business platform that fulfills your shipping requirements with the involvement of a third-party supplier. It is entirely different from a traditional retail sale process. In this particular sale process, a customer places an order at your online store, whereas a drop shipper further places it to a supplier who deals with the customer with direct shipping services.

The suppliers also provide a tracking number to drop shippers, but the major role is played by a supplier with respect to the delivery of goods to a buyer. Drop shipper acts like an intermediary and his/her purpose is to generate sales for the manufacturers and wholesalers.

What is Dropshipping

How does Dropshipping work on Shopify?

Shopify has become a common eCommerce platform used for building mega online stores. If we talk about dropshipping services, we find Shopify the best for starting dropshipping activities. There are two different approaches to start this business; one is to seek the support of suppliers through online channels or to visit the suppliers directly. Dropshipping apps play a fantabulous role whenever we talk about finding reputed suppliers from China, the USA, UK, or any other country.

Here are some important steps to define how Shopify dropshipping works!

Step 1: The first step begins with a buyer, where a buyer comes across your store and shows interest in purchasing goods/products from your store.

Step 2: After a buyer comes to your store, he/she places an order after shortlisting any specific product from the store.

Step 3: After selecting any specific product from the store, the buyer pays you in advance to receive the order.

Step 4: After making payment, the merchant gets a percentage and hands over the order to the supplier. You play the role of intermediary in this process being a merchant.

Step 5: The fifth step is so crucial for a dropshipping business. It is the stage where a supplier fulfills all the formalities to complete the order and ships directly to the buyers.

Step 6: In the final step, a buyer receives the order under the guidance of a supplier.

How to make money as a Dropshipper?

Making money has always been a concern for those who start dropshipping services. Earning is the ultimate target of online service providers, so dropshipping is a perfect platform to boost profits. If you are a seller, you have to communicate with the supplier to get support. Without finding a third-party supplier, you can’t continue your activities with ease. If we talk about the total cost involved in the activity, we come to know about the combination of marketing, supplier, and customer support cost.

How do you earn being a seller? You pay a certain percentage to the supplier after finding the difference between the actual cost and the price a seller charges from the buyer. However, a seller doesn’t keep the inventory record and never becomes a part of direct selling. A supplier has to make a partnership with the seller to earn revenue and that’s the simple thing to make money in dropshipping services.

How to make money as a Dropshipper

Is Drop shipping Legal?

If you are concerned about the legalities, then you must feel safe while starting this business. No matter if you start dropshipping on Shopify and any other platform, it is completely legal. Probably, you pay income and sales tax for the goods just like you pay in other businesses. Overall, it is a trouble-free activity that can help you earn decent money on selling different items.

Advantages of Dropshipping Business

There are so many advantages of starting a dropshipping business, as it covers so many benefits that can give you a chance to earn money and reputation at the same time. You can easily become a part of this business; even you can leave if you feel it’s over. Here are some top benefits of starting on shopify dropshipping!

Small Investments

If you are new to the world of dropshipping, you don’t need to worry about the investment. You can easily start with small initial investments to avoid risks. Don’t spend thousands of dollars in the beginning, so it is better for you to start from low capital. The more you play smart, the more you stay smart in this shipping business.

Easy to Start

Despite starting from a small initial investment, the business is easier to start even for beginners. You only have to manage the stock and pay rent to the warehouse maintenance. Above all, you have to complete the orders and track inventories to begin hassle-free activities for earning profits.

Low overhead cost

The overhead cost is also low, as you don’t have to invest big in warehouses. Usually, smart buyers use their residencies as warehouses to save maintenance and rental cost. The choice is yours whether you want to save money or bear expenses.

Advantages of Dropshipping Business

Tons of products to sell easily

If you want to sell tons of products, you can do it efficiently using this platform. You don’t need to keep inventory records and stock details; all you do is focus on selling a number of products without facing any trouble.

Looking at the final words, one can find it so easy to start a dropshipping business with little investment. It allows a seller to work from flexible locations with a low overhead cost. Above all, it is legal to practice on shopify dropshipping to create a fantabulous business model.

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