Find Secrets of Single Keyword Ad Groups For Getting Conversions

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It’s human psychology that he wants to eat something different and special, whereas one particular item makes sense. If you are eating a sandwich, you sometimes don’t bother about the chicken, lettuce, and ingredients. Every foodie is crazy for sauces whether grabbing a burger or special sandwich. Hence, you may eat a sandwich, but you love to enjoy sauces while eating. We can relate this example to Google Ads and SKAGs.

How can you relate this? It is easier to take an example of a sandwich and its special item which is a sauce. Likewise, Google ads make sense when we talk about multiple ad groups and single keyword ad groups. You can use single keyword ad groups to organize your pay-per-click advertising campaigns. It helps you to make the segments of the market with respect to keywords. 

CTR matters that you have to consider important for improving the impressions and cost per click. Google ads work best when you are looking for an exact match, even you can accomplish your goals and targets with ease. The research also plays a significant role in finding keywords. Make sure, you search for unique keywords to improve the online presence of your campaign.

What are Single Keyword Ad Groups?

If you are eager to learn about Google ads regarding keywords, you can’t ignore SKAG for getting clicks and impressions. Click-through rate and quality score also come into place for setting up ads for better reach. Further, it makes your ad relevant when you finalize keywords. Try to search keywords that you can further divide for your campaign to achieve success.

If you have a bunch of keywords, you have to deal with them all to make a match for boosting your ads. If you come across an exact match, then you can find out your single keyword ad group easily. If your bid keyword has approached the best term, then you have a chance of finding success through Google ads.  

A single keyword ad group is a potential keyword that is like a cricket ball ready to be released from the bowler’s arm. It has to be relevant and match to meet your needs and requirements. Only keyword works and becomes the focus when you work on a single keyword ad group. You can expand this technique on Facebook too other than considering Google ads. The purpose is to improve performance and to get control over the Google ads account.  

Use of SKAGS in different account structures

Let’s take a look at the structure of single keyword ad groups!

If you are willing to start a Google ads campaign, you may look at two different campaigns. The one is to make an ad group using all the keywords. Another choice is to include one keyword per ad group known as single keyword ad groups. Now, you can do a comparison of two campaigns at a time, whereas one includes several keywords names as a single ad group, while the other one is based on single keywords in each group.

It allows you to manage and customize one keyword in each group to do a successful advertisement. In this way, your searchers can find accurate results when looking at single keywords. In the first campaign structure, searchers often fail to find exact matches because of low CTR. Both the strategies and campaign structures are fine, but SKAG is perfect for running a Google ads campaign.

Your target is to follow one particular keyword when focusing on the single keyword ad group. You can take the example of many phrases while explaining SKAG.

“Custom made chair” (Phrase match)

[Custom made chair] (Exact match)

You can take it as your root keyword and place it in the ad group. You can include this in your search term and don’t forget to refine your keywords. Make sure, you use long-tail keywords when focusing on the SKAG. Now, you can rearrange SKAG when using the keyword. Custom-made wood chair is your new phrase that people often search for. You can always modify keywords depending on your research and creative ideas.

The addition of wood can also become your negative keyword if we compare it to the original one. A custom-made chair is your SKAG, so keep it long-tail to make a difference.

You have to control the keywords when it comes to connecting the right phrases to drive results. Try to make your campaign-specific by using attractive headlines and display URLs. Try to follow the instructions while using character space for adding description lines.

Let’s take an example of one specific keyword that can boost your campaign!

Custom Made Wooden Chair is your keyword that looks like custom-made-wooden-chair on your screen. It wins back your family’s trust is the description that you can see as well. If you come across the book now option, it is your ultimate call to action. It is an example of one specific keyword that you can target to interact with your audience.

You must also reduce the discrepancy ratio when connecting keywords. If you reduce it, most probably you need to fix it. The reduction in discrepancy helps you to match terms to steal the deal. Your PPC campaign depends on CTR, whereas a group of keywords can bring a massive improvement.

How to Create Single Keyword Ad Groups?

 If you want to create single keyword ad groups, you must follow root and seed keywords to begin the campaign. For this, you must have a grip over Google Ads Editor to manage and organize the campaign effectively. Seed and root keywords are the shortest forms of keywords that you can’t skip at the time of bidding. 

If you are running an auto shop, you can take the example of SKAG to inspire your audience. How do you finalize seed keywords? Some of the common examples include an online auto shop, online auto parts, online auto, online auto spare parts, online auto products, etc. You always want to use short keywords to do a quick job, but the competition allows you to prefer long-tail keywords. 

Your target is to lift the original keyword, but you have the facility of using synonyms to see the broader aspects of the campaign. Let’s find out the alternative of auto! You can replace it with a vehicle, motor car, and automobile. Now you can take use keywords such as online automobiles, online automobiles, online automobile spare parts, online automobile products, etc. 

These are the dimensions for using keywords for organizing your single keyword ad group. Don’t forget to check the competition level when you analyze the keywords. For this, keyword research and competition level play an important role. Synonyms can be used, but the research should be genuine and look real for the visitors who search for your products. The root keyword should be present in the ad and that’s the key target of using SKAGs.

There are four basic steps to follow to create single keyword ad groups! Let’s find out!

1-      Keywords

2-      The Bids

3-      The Ads

4-      Replacing the Text


The first and foremost thing is to use keywords to manage ads. If you are eager to start your business campaign, you need to be aware of the usage of the phrases. There are different terms used for defining the keywords. The number one is the broad match, the next is the phrase match and the last one is the exact match. 

You find relevant keywords with a broad match, while a phrase match appears when you see some part of your keyword in your search. The exact match appears exactly on the screen matching your search query. It is your bid keyword that you see on the screen. In all scenarios, you have to test the ads to continue the campaign process.

If you want to set up SKAGs in the Google Ads editor, you need to know the basic differences between the keywords with respect to matches. Phrase match and exact match have similarities that you can’t ignore while setting up the Google ads campaign. Phrase match becomes relevant when someone searches for long-tail keywords. Therefore, your research makes it happen and most importantly the analysis when you set up keywords.

You also split up accounts to test your phrases, whereas you have to make sure that a single keyword ad group doesn’t lose grip at the time of generating leads. If you want to achieve the best results, you must set up bids logically and smartly. Let’s take a look at the bids!

The Bids

At the time of setting up accounts, you have to focus on the bids. It is the next step you have to follow while running ads. Bid adjustment is the key step to doing the right things, as it improves your campaign. Without any doubt, you have to place bids smartly and efficiently to bring a rapid improvement in your ads. It is the key component of setting SKAG!

The Ads

What comes next after you have successfully placed bids? The game isn’t over, as you have to work on the ad performance. Of course, you need to match the keywords to create ads. How do you manage ads?

Adjust keyword in headline and URL path

The first thing is to adjust the keyword in the headline and URL path to make it relevant for your searchers. It is how you improve CTR and quality score when the job is done. It offers endless benefits when you see your ad performing great.

Make heading attractive with an appropriate description

After you have adjusted the keywords in the headline, you must also pay attention to its attraction. Keep the heading attractive and inspiring along with the descriptions. If you have to create some headlines, then you must write different descriptions for your headlines.

Replacing the Text

Last but not least is the replacement of text. It is also known as cloning when you copy and paste ad groups to readjust your campaign. It is a process of rewriting your ad to manage your single keyword ad group. Make sure, you don’t ignore your seed keyword when replacing the text. The primary keyword is so important for your campaigns. You can use replace “online autos” with “online automobiles” as a new SKAG.

For this, you’ll have to create a new ad group to set up your ads. You may also change the headlines, descriptions, and URL paths to get more clicks. Indeed, it’s an easy process that one should follow to make a difference.

The Benefits of Single Keyword Ad Groups

There are so many benefits of single keyword ad groups. If you want to bring a quick improvement to your ad groups, you must check the benefits of SKAGs. Here you go!

Improves your control over the campaign

With a single keyword ad group, you enjoy good control over your campaign. You don’t have to focus on multiple ad groups when adding keywords. For SKAG, you enjoy superb control over your keywords and campaigns. It becomes easier for you to run ads.

Search term improvements

If you create SKAGs, you improve search term impressions for your ads. Search term impressions not only improve the health of your account, but it brings an overall performance of your ads. Single keyword ad groups come in descending order when you focus on search terms.

Improved click-through rates

SKAG is also beneficial for improving click-through rates. If you add specific keywords to your search queries, you wish potential visitors to see your ads. In this way, you can improve CTR when focusing on single keyword ad groups. In this way, you can easily improve the click-through rate which ultimately improves the quality score.

Improved Quality Scores

Another important thing is to improve quality scores whenever we talk about single keyword ad groups. For sure, it improves quality scores when you run Google ads. In this way, your keywords move from an average position to a higher position and that’s what you expect from SKAG. Further, you can improve clicks, impressions, and conversions.

Higher conversion rates

With SKAG, you not only improve impressions and clicks, but you get a higher conversion rate. Hence, your search terms play a significant role whenever it comes to controlling bid options. Every keyword has a different conversion rate that boosts your performance when someone clicks on the ads.

Increased conversion volume

After you get higher conversion rates, you also increase conversion volume when focusing on the single keyword ad groups. With this, you get more clicks and conversions, increasing conversion volume.

Get Control over a landing page

Another important thing is to get control over the landing page and that’s a remarkable experience. If you have gathered decent leads, you have control over landing pages. It’s a way to gather maximum details about your products and services. The purpose is to get the attention of potential visitors, whereas you achieve your goals when more visitors click on your ads.

Increased levels of control

Another top advantage is to increase the level of control when you set up a single keyword ad group, even though you can control over keywords. You can add up to 20 keywords per group.

Retargeting Opportunities

If you have chosen keywords for a single ad group, you can enjoy so many facilities when you are done with adding phrases. Specific keywords can increase the chances of CTR and conversions, even you can increase profit. The credit goes to a single keyword ad group setup when you retarget the campaign. Retargeting is specifically done for improving the conversion rate. Further, you remove negative keywords from your campaign to boost performance.


Finally, we’ve gathered the benefits of SKAGs and their implementation in different account structures. Moreover, we have also covered the points regarding the creation of Google ads with respect to single keyword ad groups. You can’t take this lightly, as single keyword ads are specifically designed for generating results and targeting exact matches. Phrase match also works, but an exact match is the ultimate target of an advertiser.