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How to Write Effective Clickable Search Ad Copy?

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Ad creation is an art no matter if you create for Google or social media platforms; it has always been a creative and innovative process. The point is how you think deeply to make your ad visible to your target audience. Hence, you create sem ad copy to grab the interest of potential visitors. Without content creation, you can’t even plan things efficiently.

Content is the key to creating search engine marketing ads. For writing ads, you get in touch with professional content writers who create eye-catching ad copy to engage the right audience. They use the right words based on the well-researched keywords to create attraction for the clickers. Writing magical words in a limited space is an art, but committed writers can make it happen with ease.

Creating search ad copy is quite a creative and technical process. It is a way to attract customers by crafting catchy words along with special offers. No doubt, it is a challenging job for writers, but they craft superb ad copy to draw the interest of visitors. Ultimately, their words are enough to boost the performance. Let’s take a look at search ads!

What is a Search Ad?

Search ads appear when people search for particular products and they come across your products through clickable ads on search engines. Search ads appear like small text snippets at the top right of the screen among various search results. These ads are easier to find on Google. However, a search ad includes a title, a short description, and a link that takes users to a landing page.

Title or Headline: 

A title or headline describes the product or a seller with some addition of keywords. A visitor first looks at the headline before opening the ads. If we take a look at the character limit, it should not exceed 25 characters.

Link or URL: It is a link or URL that people click to reach the ad copy and landing page. The link works properly and guides people around the details on a new page.

Ad Copy: Ad copy is the description that visitors read to know little details about the products and the brands. It also contains an offer that inspires the audience to click on the ad copy. As far as the character limit is concerned, it should not exceed 35 characters per line.

How to Write Effective and Clickable Search Ad Copy?

If you want to write creative ads and look at the perfect responses, you need to follow the tips mentioned below!

Focus on your brand

The most interesting part of creating an ad is focusing on the brand. You can’t create ad copy unless you pay attention to your brand. The best thing is to concentrate on your products and services before you go for ad creation. Your products matter, especially if you deal in multiple products, mention it in your ad copy. Your ads should highlight more about your specific products so that multiple users may know about your brand advertisement.

You always need to highlight your brand through ads to make your audience aware of the facts. It is how; you create offers on special products to improve the reputation of your brand. Indeed, it is the best strategy to make your ads clickable.

Create an Offer

The most important and significant thing is to create an offer. Every ad needs a good offer that can surprise the audience. Including an offer is a must, as you can’t ignore this fact. Every search ad must have a solid offer to grab the attention of visitors. No matter if you target B2B or B2C markets, your offer makes sense. 

An offer can make your ad stand out and unique, especially when you use words like “discount” and “free shipping” to attract customers. These are the tactics that writers should follow when creating search engine marketing ad copy. The word “special offer” also surprises visitors and that’s a crucial point that can boost your ad’s performance.

Force Audience to take action

If you want customers to take action, you need to do big things. How do you make things effective? With ads special offer, you can grab their attention and it is enough to take action. Indeed, it is a perfect thing that forces your customers to take necessary actions. How do you make it happen?

You get the forms filled so that customers take necessary action around your products and services. Further, you also consider free trial services by creating unique ads for driving the attention of the audience. Form filling is a nice addition, but many advertisers prefer the free trial option to include CTA.

Include Keywords in your Ad Copy

Want to make your ad stand out and attractive? You need to focus on your keywords. At least include one keyword in your ad copy to meet the requirements. With this, you not only include keywords, but you focus on ad optimization. Keywords always play a good role in digital marketing campaigns, especially when we talk about pay-per-click advertising.

If your goal is to create a unique sem ad copy, then your keyword selection should be good. It can make your brand popular and reputed when the right keywords work for its promotion on search engines. If you sell cricket bats, you can include this phrase in the ad copy to make your audience clear about the exact searches. 

Of course, it will appear in bold font when customers see this phrase along with the ad copy. Therefore, you need to think out of the box before choosing the right keywords. SEO experts can do better keyword research, but advertising specialists can also do a terrific job to find keywords. 

Therefore, keywords should be good and smooth for targeting a better audience. Generic keywords can do a good job when you create ad groups depending on several keywords. Further, you must select the terms that hit your primary customers.

Keep your ads updated

Other than choosing the right keywords, always keep your ads updated and current. If your ad has expired and you fail to grab conversions, you must come up with a better strategy and solution. Keep your ad updated by creating an ad copy that can do a perfect job. 

For example, if you want to drive more customers, you need to come up with the latest facts and figures to make your ad stand out. For this, you must update the price regularly and engage the audience regarding the release and features of the products. Also, update your address so that visitors don’t get confused when looking at the performance.

Stay Specific

The more you ad statistics and figures to make the audience clear, the more you engage them in your process. Your ad copy should stand and deliver the message you expect from it. To keep your audience specific and accurate, you must mention notable things that can drag customers toward your copy. Give numbers and statistics to let customers know the importance of ads. The more you stay specific, the more you can drive results.

Keep in Mind the Landing Page

You can’t skip landing pages while creating ads. Always keep in mind landing pages whenever you create ads. Your ad should be similar to landing page copy and that is the most important part of creating ads. If you want to convert your audience, you need to match the content with your landing page to attract more visitors. It will promote your ad copy as per your expectations and requirements.

Check mistakes and grammatical errors in your ad copy

If you have successfully created an ad copy and are ready to launch, the first thing is to check the mistakes. You can’t publish your ad without checking the mistakes and grammatical errors in your ad copy. Always check the grammatical errors before you live your ads. Keep a check on punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes to avoid leaving a bad impression on your visitors. Your audience doesn’t expect mistakes, so check before you publish.


As per the discussion, we have found some engaging points to make sem ad copy attractive and effective for leads. We got to know about some key points that can help an ad creator to leave a nice impression on visitors. The important thing is to focus on the brand, target audience, offer, and keywords to force the audience to take necessary action. Moreover, the ad creator should stay relevant and specific by creating the content that should be updated and free of grammatical mistakes.