Reasons to Hire an advertising agency in Dubai

Reasons to Hire an advertising agency in Dubai

Reasons to Hire an advertising agency in Dubai

The most common questions that we get now and then are why we need an advertising agency in Dubai instead of going directly to different media vendors and clients. The majority of business owners claim that they save a lot of money by going directly to clients. This might look true to you on paper, but practically, this statement has no worth. You must know that hiring an advertising agency is especially important because of tons of reasons. This post would inform you about the different reasons which would help you understand why it is important to rely on an advertising agency in Dubai

Before we move towards the list, you are suggested to hire a marketing/advertising agency. Our experience has many benefits!

Nine reasons to hire an advertising agency in Dubai!

Here is the list of reasons which would give you some clarity!

Advertising agencies have more in-house expertise. 

You must understand that no matter how good connections you have in the market, a professional advertising agency would always have more experience thus expertise. Advertising methodologies are very vast and difficult to understand. We have seen only a few people master the skills of professional advertisement while running an individual account. A business owner can never know how much value an agency can bring to their marketing plan. 

Going through an advertising agency in Dubai would help you save time!

Time is more important than money. If you can save time, then you can invest it in other productive work. Brands or businesses going down directly to the market would be wasting a lot of their time finding the right persona and then negotiating the terms of the deal. On the other hand, if you connect with an advertising agency, you can save a lot of time and effort. Marketing or advertising agencies have the complete information about the local and digital market, and they can target different sets of audiences with different techniques. Furthermore, going direct can cost you a few times more than settling down with a professional agency.

The advertising agency is way more objective than choosing marketing techniques!

You cannot understand the market of Dubai. This is because they have their modes and platforms that are different from other countries in the world. So, you cannot just start marketing in Dubai without any experience. The advertising agency in Dubai has deep experience. Based on this experience, they can easily choose the target client by keeping in mind the situation at hand. This liberty of action is not available when you are going directly to your target market.

The advertising agency in Dubai can get you lower media rates!

You can’t get good rates if you negotiate with the media houses on a personal basis. Media reps are under the constant pressure of their management to deal with large businesses instead of catering to personal deals. Even if they show interest in breaking a deal with you, they will demand extremely high rates. On the other hand, an agency can crack a better deal and save you a lot of money. This is because they are in regular business with these media reps and have generated goodwill!

Advertising agencies have a better relationship with media houses!

As we have told you earlier, these agencies can easily get a better deal, and this is just because of their goodwill and relationships with these reps. Professional advertising agencies have a better relationship with media houses because they are in constant touch with them. Many people other than you hire the same agencies, so their business with the media houses keeps running! Sometimes the agencies can also leverage their relationships to get you a better deal than you expected!

Advertising agencies in Dubai would not sell you specific kinds of media!

If you are going direct, then you can only target a single platform at a time. For instance, if you are marketing and targeting people on Instagram/Facebook, you would miss all the other important platforms. This doesn’t happen when you hire an agency for marketing and advertising. An agency would have a complete team that would target all sorts of media and mediums. The motive of the agency is the success of the client and not winning a sales competition!

Agencies are only successful if their client succeeds in their goal!

Agencies would only make money when a client would make their sales when these agencies connect you with social media marketing tools and other media houses, then at the back end of the deal that is also winning commissions based on your sales. So, an advertising agency would only earn money if you would make a sale. For this very reason, almost all the advertising agencies would put their blood and sweat to market your content/products. The more the sales, the happier would be the client, and the better would be their profitability!

Hiring an advertising agency is cheap!

Usually, people think that hiring an agency would be expensive if compared to going direct. This is quite a common misconception. You must know that going direct and going through an agency is almost the same cost. The only difference is that you might have to pay the agency an upfront fee!

Agencies are the bridge between media reps and business owners!

Have you thought about how you would recover your money and your time if a media rep turns back on you? Media reps would surely sign deals with you, but we have seen many cases where they don’t honor their deals because of their interests in bigger fish in the tank.  Hiring an advertising agency in Dubai is the best way to make sure that your deal is prioritized. Agencies are the important buffer between both of the parties!

Well, there are two sides to every page. If you are being suggested to go direct instead of hiring an advertising agency, then you should get a clear look at the whole picture and see the other side of the story and find out why the person is discouraging you from it. Furthermore, you must review and get information about the credibility of an advertising agency in Dubai before joining hands with them. There are tons of agencies, but not all of them are reliable!

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